Days of Rain from the Phenomenon EL NIÑO !!!

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Well for these last days of carnival to massive crowds of people who visit Olon, from the rainfall and the overflow of the river the sea became a mixture of jungle and sea, I could see giant trees floating in the waves, the sea turned into a chocolate color, for some it was an impediment to surf in these conditions, I took the task of entering and I caught good waves.


The first section was just in front of the town, but it was incredible. An hour later I noticed beyond the river was left a clean and not chocolate-colored wave, I left the water I walked through the river that was certainly very dangerous to pass through the branches of trees that continued to flow to the sea, I succeeded. I think I walked 800 meters almost to Curia the next town, and for me a surprise.


I found some surfers taking advantage of the waves too, it was almost SWELL day but it was wonderful, I had some interference with the small branches of the trees but it was nothing, nobody could capture a photo with a surfer but I have some that I hope you like, one thing I will not forget was the wave that I took and it was of a color, it was right and I arrived right to the part where it changed color to chocolate, the transition was good, for this i call it a JUNWAVE.


I also want to refer to the contamination seen in a photo that you will see later, I started to think and I am afraid that the plastic islands will arrive in Ecuador, if we continue like this we will have them soon, a message for your corservation. JUNWAVE significate, the power of the Jungle and the power of the ocean, Without forgetting that special person who corroborates my story to see me taking a wave, Regards SusanF.