The sea is incomprehensible and mysterious

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They say the sea is endless. From a geographic point of view, this is certainly not the case. However, if you look at him even for a moment, all doubts disappear at once.

The endless horizon is so vast, so far away.

I love walking by the sea. They never bother me, because they are always different. The sea itself is not the same. It is changeable in nature.

Today it is calm and quiet and, as if there is nothing more affectionate than its light waves. The water reflects warm sunlight and dazzles, not used to bright light, eyes. The warm sand warms my legs pleasantly, and my skin turns golden tan.


And tomorrow a strong wind will stir up the sea and majestic waves are already beating against the coast with the force of a huge beast. The blue sky will turn gray and stormy. And there is no longer that calm Happiness of the quiet sea.

However, this has its own charm. This is the beauty of wildness and strength. Even the color of sea water often changes - it is almost blue, then dark blue, then greenish.


How much beauty is hidden in the depths of the sea. Small fish swim in schools among green and yellowish algae. And sandy the bottom is covered with shells, like precious stones. I love collecting seashells.

I like to imagine that I am finding lost treasures from sunken ships. And how many such treasures are still hidden in the depths of the sea?


There is nothing better than spending a day at sea. You can have fun and swim with your family and Friends. And sometimes you just want to walk alone, to feel peace under the sound of waves.

The sea is incomprehensible, mysterious and clean. It leaves no one indifferent.


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