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I woke up, bleary eyed, searching for my phone in the dark. I held it up to my face and squinting into the dazzling light, I took note of all the notifications waiting to gain my attention. I swiped away the missed call notification which had come through just one hour after I had gone to bed last night. It was with some surprise that I noted that was just 4 hours ago. What time was it? 3:30AM! Apparently my body only likes to sleep for 5 hours lately.

As I swipe away all the usual non-essential notifications I come to my email notifications. This one is of interest because I'm expecting an overdraft notification from my bank if my phone bill arrives before payday. No overdraft notification, but what is this? An email from Steemit? I've never gotten one of these before! I'm so excited by about it, I have to leave the notification screen in place while I stagger to my feet and go through my waking routine. I'm tempted to open it on my phone, but no. I'm going to see this in the glorious expanse of my desktop monitor. I'm glad I did, because it looks so much better from there.

I read about our 'new team' and click on the link to see who these people are. I realize quite quickly that I've read this blog post before, but now it takes on a whole significance. It's reborn, like the Phoenix from the ashes of destruction. It rises up to inform me of a new brighter, more accountable future ahead! I'm excited. So excited I have to post.

Even better was seeing @inertia as the highest post in the comments with some ambiguous and anachronistic techno humor which confronts me like a masonic mystery to be studied and pondered upon for at least the next fifteen minutes.

The Portal is alive! I see the mystery revealed and now my course is clear. I must visit the Portal, if only for those who are still alive.

This is the way. Walk into the light, my friends.



Good to see you seablue, I thought the email idea was okay! I received one also, because years ago I signed up with my email account via Facebook. In the name of irony, for privacy. hahaha.

I don't mind at all that they did it though.

this is part of a #commentraid lol

For those who are still alive. :-)

Go anywhere nice? I wonder if I got one of these newfangled mails. Goes to check

This is my first #commentraid comment ever. I have "Walked into the light".. as you say...and I would give you a cookie to celebrate your targeted post, @seablue.. if I could...

I CAN>>>

♥- Serena

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