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I finished a long work week, late last night. I sat up till around 1:30 am. Went to bed. Woke around 7:00am. Got online and watched YouTube videos of planes and rocket engines, and then went back to sleep.

It is now 4:30pm. Most of the day is gone, but I'm feeling rested.

I was watching a few lectures during the week on the idea of a holographic universe. The lecturer was one of the guys working on string theory. When he started to talk about the idea of 'information' as discrete units that couldn't be destroyed and black holes with points of no return it seems to have stuck with me over the following days. I don't know what to make of it, but it is fascinating to think about.

When I get tired of watching documentaries and lectures, I have found that I enjoy watching videos of car crashes, explosions and 'worst' plane landings videos. They seem to stimulate some underutilized chemicals in my body, which gives me some release from tension. Along the way I managed to go down the rabbit hole of rocket engines, in particular, the aerospike engine, which was a fascinating story of how to create efficiencies in rocket engines at different atmospheric pressures.

So far it's been a pretty good Monday. How about you?



mondays are always stressful

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