Seablue Journal: Watching the night sky.

in #seablue3 years ago

Sitting outside in the chilly night air. I've got my pipe tobacco and a glass of cognac keeping me company.

I'm reflecting on my poor choice of arguing on Reddit. It really threw my day out. There are no winners in Internet arguments.



Yep. Sadly this was true. I woke up this morning and my mind is still wrestling with the ugliness if it all.

Perhaps some self flagellation and few hail Marys might cleanse my soul.

When you find a way to overcome that lesson and avoid it in the future, I will await the manual you publish as we all know all too well, that I need to read it.

Hehehe...I have no clear answers for you. :-)

Probably my first mistake was thinking what I had to say actually mattered.

but... but... but.. what I say... actually....

you know, you have a point

Enjoying the night in a great way :)