BBQ with very Fresh Seafood

in #seafood3 years ago

I planing to make some fresh seafood at my home, sea food always salty but it has high quality food energy not harmful for human. Same time I also making some chicken BBQ. A freshly grilled abalone in Shell, Clam Skewer, some fresh fish and bamboo pickles. The deep sea fish that is extracted from the fish in the deep sea contains essential oils of essential oils for healthy food for 20 carbon dioxide (EPA), 22 carbonic acids (DAEA), blood lipid control, reducing triglyceride and reducing blood vessels. Keep in touch if you want more seafood food picture.






I like bbq a lot, upvoted my friend for your contribution to delicious food photo

This post has received a 3.82 % upvote from @boomerang.

yummy♨ I love BBQ😍

Thank you @makesushi, Some time I like BBQ not all the time.

Invite me, I would love to compete in eating this?

You are most welcome, Anytime your are ready just let me know. I just sending some chicken for you as a sample!! Thanks @farhan.sidiqui

This pic reminded me of a restaurant where I enjoyed BBQ like this. Thanks for the tasty energy dose.

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