Ed's first trip out

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Ed's first trip out


Recently we welcomed Ed (short for Eduardo) into our family. Here are some quick snaps of our first trip out on the snow trails...


Steemy and Ed enjoy each other's company...


We stop for a few and take in the scenery...


Just made it home as the sun sets...


Time for a nice hot chocolate by the fire...


Thank you for coming along, I hope you enjoyed

About Ed

MHF Gester v5.5 ~ Creator: Dee McLean

Comes with Rideable, Grazing and Stable versions. Realistic sounds and movement. A pleasure to have in our family.


Good stuff :)

thank you wilx, glad you enjoyed :)

nice images ......they awesome

thank you odsam2 :) I enjoy taking the snaps inworld :)

Very nice! The images of Eduardo and the snowy mountains are lovely.

thank you livingwaters :) Glad you liked them :)

We live in an area where there is not much snowfall.The pictures are very beautiful and it seems very cozy there by the fire.thanks for sharing with us I appreciate it very much.

you are welcome scotty777 :) thank you :)

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Interesting work, so now following you, my friend

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