Šaukiu aš tautą | Organ Improvisation | Hauptwerk Rotterdam

Today is January 13 and in Lithuania we celebrate the Day of Freedom Defenders (Laisvės gynėjų diena in Lithuanian) 30 years from January 13, 1991 when tenths of thousands of unarmed civilians stood up against Soviet tanks which tried to take over the Parliament, TV station and other critical objects. 14 people died. Everybody was singing and praying together for months during that time.

So to commemorate this event, I improvised on the motives of the famous song Šaukiu aš tautą (I'm summoning the nation) which has been one of the main songs associated with this event ever since (poem by Bernardas Brazdžionis, sung by Vytautas Kernagis). Hope you will enjoy the sounds of Rotterdam Laurenskerk Marcussen organ sample set by Sonus Paradisi on my Hauptwerk setup!
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