Free Bitcoin to be mined

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Just click on my link and start your opportunity to get you share of Bitcoin for FREE but only until the 1st June 2018.
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click on my link and go in and start you own mining today then get at least 2 friends to click on your link and you and we can make a BTC it is now worth $7229.05 it does go up and down but I will be too great-full to even just get on Bitcoin.




Bitcoin mining is waste of time and energy unless you have sophisticated equipment

You seems to know this story well I have tried but like you say it is a waste of time and energy.
I am very disappointed for the whole week I only got now 0 57 btc. what a joke and my lappie was on day and night no more that is no wonder they just keep on phoning every one because they can not even give it away. This was a promotion and as I advertised it was for free I had not even a friend who wanted to join me. Ha20180521_213535.jpgha ha just shows you I am the Joker again or shall I say the sucker?

😀😀....I have more suggestion to you...don't ever waste time in collecting free coins.....that is also waste of time and energy