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RE: Positivity Challenge 4 – using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to be happier

in #self-help4 years ago

Hey, great to see EFT on Steemit. I "discovered" EFT a couple of years ago and it changed my life MANY TIMES OVER. Because every time you resolve something, your life changes, right?

I started with the regular tap on whatever you're thinking, but later read and watched Gary's material and learned about aspects, specific events and table tops and THEY did the real changes. Its so amazing, you resolve a couple of specific events and its like the problem never was in your life, its inconceivable. The only problem is sitting down and getting myself to do it :P

Anyways, nice seeing your post! :)


Hi and welcome! This is what I hoped for - that later on, people would still find my posts and find them helpful or interesting. It seems to me that the new influx of people are actually having a good look round, which is wonderful.