If It's Not Working, Stop Chasing!

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If one genuinely wants to prevail at any mission, one must be willing to stick to it even when the inevitable limitations begin to show up. You can't go through life touching everything and pulling your hands off as quickly as you begin to face obstacles. It is true that those who reap an extraordinary deal in their endeavours are those who do not surrender easily even if faced with lack of early success.

So, persistence is ideal. However, does that mean we should stay stubbornly resolute even when all the signs and symptoms are displaying that the possibility of our succeeding even in the distant future is nearly down to zero? I do not suppose so.

Regrettably, this is what many of us who toil each day to transform our lives, our businesses and our relationships indulge in over the years. we find it hard to forestall pursuing dreams that have come to be nothing other than mere pipe-dreams.

Although, we may hide behind the vintage persistence mantra and use it to justify our actions, but there are often different elements which render us incapable of ditching something which isn't working in our lives.

In my personal experience, I've discovered that a sturdy emotional attachment to a particular once-profitable, most loved business or a previously brilliant courting(relationship) might be the only element stopping anyone from cutting their losses, dumping the entire show and moving in a different path.

However, there's an extra sinister factor - fear.

The fear of being laughed at or being called a failure is, in reality, answerable for many instances of people refusing to let go of doomed personal initiatives in order to accept a different challenge.

Whatever the excuse, one thing is sure. When you come to some extent whilst it's absolutely certain that, that struggling pet project of yours will in no way make a comeback. You will know it, somehow. Your intuition will persistently flash the crimson light.

This is precisely the point where you have to stop pretending that everything will soon be great. Because you know in your coronary heart of hearts that it will not appear, regardless of what you do. The passion is gone, the losses are mounting and the whole environment is packed with a sense of fatigue.

summon the braveness to say good-bye to that doomed business. Become realistic, for once. Make a move faraway from that relationship that's best draining you mentally, physically and emotionally.

A pragmatic mindset will quickly help you to forestall chasing a wild goose. For all you realise, all around you are individuals who are sympathetic to your situation and are praying that you will be bold enough to call it quits. Rather than snicker at you, they're keen to commend your ambitious and wise decision to move on.

As soon as you are able to sell off what is doomed to failure, you'll see your manner clear to behold new possibilities with terrific prospects in life.


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