Why Do We Dwell In Persistent Worries?

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There are numerous things concerning the brain and the mind that we are yet to know, or at least that we are not certain about.

One particular question is "Why do some individuals worry persistently? Is there something in their genes like "a worry-gene", perhaps, that runs in the family? Or can we say it's some other factor?

The headache for them are these claims: "What if a cure for persistent worry can never be found?"

We hope that sooner, we'll come up with the actual source of the "worrier condition".

Science believes that whenever people live with high levels of anxiety (i.e., those who find themselves chronic worriers), constantly look for and expect the worst, and stay in constant fear of almost everything, the effect is a life that's full of unrest.

Being a worrier just isn't good for many and varied reasons. Nobody desires to be a worrier, and those who are worriers often attempt to switch to a "non-worrier" state and, unfortunately, are usually unsuccessful.

Persistent worriers are susceptible to many health issues, live under frequent stress, are unable to put emphasis properly, and have impulsive tendencies and problems with memory. Moreover, they spend their brainpower with needless worrying.

Obviously, life comes with no guarantees: Generally, there are bad occasions once in a while. For a Persistent worrier, however , life is all about bad moments. They wrongly believe that if they expect the worst, they'll never be disappointed.

This thought process is certainly the greatest barrier to living a good life and robs the worrier's life of meaning, peace, and harmony.

What can a worrier do to rid themselves of Persistent worries? They can transform their thinking process.

It can be easy to say but difficult to act on. Nevertheless, for anyone who is a persistent worrier, what other choice do you have? For a start, you can follow these suggestions:

  • Pay close attention to your diet. Whatever you eat and drink influences your feeling and brain function, more so you may believe that.

  • Get some exercise regularly. Exercise helps the brain to operate well and assists in combating those "moody days" that tend to arise frequently in a worrier's life.

  • Learn and use relaxation response exercise. This is the perfect way to calm an active mind.

  • Incorporate meditation into your routine. Perform a little bit of research and choose the kind of meditation that works good for you.

  • Consider hypnosis. Studies have shown that a lot of people find it a helpful technique for dealing with a "worrier mind".

  • Ask for professional help if needed.

  • Acknowledge the value of having good support from your spouse, relatives, friends, and co-workers.

Finally, learn from other sources what else you can do to change your unhealthy way of thinking, and stay positive. Change from a persistent worrier into a positive-thinking warrior!


Ahhh anxiety, it is one of the most disabilitating things which causes us to worry about things we do not need to worry about or aren't worth worrying about to begin with.

That's true my friend..
We need to worry less about the nightmares of life and be patient for the sunrise which will bring lots of happy moments

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