Climate Change/Global Warming.

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Hello to my steemit friends. I hope that you all are doing great and having fun in your life and enjoying it as I do.

This is my entry for the Upmewhale Writing Contest! Global Warming and Climate Change, What Can Be Done? contest I know that this is very late but I think today is the last day I was busy this week at work so didn't get time to make a long post like this but I thought Let's give it a shot.

The topics they choose are very interesting the last one was also amazing.

There are many cases of global warming that you all have heard but the recent one was the fire in Australia is the most recent millions of animals have lost there life in this fire there was a massive lost of forest also form this you may have a small idea what it can cause all around the world


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I am from India there are daily many cases of fire in the forests are common to us in the hilly areas, One of my relative works in the forest department and he has to wake up at late night the reasons are quite simple some peoples drunk at night and fire a camp where they make there drinks but didn't off the fire they have start.

this are some basic reasons in India in hilly areas. the cities are more polluted by the pollution that is spread by the vehicles and many factories all over around the cities.


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Many of the Indian in the young age have symptoms of asthma and many lungs related diseases form the childhood days, some of them have problems in breathing to.

As World’s Air Gets Worse, India Struggles to Breathe
The real cause are we, we all are taking the life of others as well are ourselfs too. we use a lots of plastic and didn't even use it. we throw then where ever we want most of this happens while we all are traveling.😢


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There are manhy reasons that are causing this kind of problems but in India is was very bad in the past years after the new governments arises they have came with a very beautiful slogan that is Swachh Bharat mission (स्वच्छ भारत अभियान) this is the best I thing the government have done this far in my opinion this can't be done other then this our prime minister himself use to clean the garbage from many areas to send the message to the whole nation as well as he world to clean your surroundings this mission was kind of successful in India as per the media.


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there are many countries, cites and many individual persons are doing many thing to keep the environments and many other incentive to spread a message to the society to save the tree, water , animals and other things that are important for us and that will be important for the future generations as well.

you have the power change the world


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There are many ways to make all of us free from pollution, global warming and many other environment related problems those are-;

  • don't through the garbage anywhere, use dustbin.

  • don't use plastic use use less as you can.

  • use bicycles instead of motor cycles atleast one a week.

  • save water

  • grow more trees as you can

  • save animals

  • don't throw your waste food

  • use steel bottles instead of plastic bottles

8 ways tokeep earth clean

I hope that you like my opinion in this topic, thanks a lot for being here.


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Oh wow that factory area looks pretty bad :)

ah this is bad but this is the reality @seadbeady

Well written one.

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thanks a lot mr. @paragism for your appreciation

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