White Chandramalika flowers / White rose flowers

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White Chandramalika flowers


The lunar flower is of two colors but yellow and white and the two color flowers look beautiful.Chandramalika flowers are rarely found in our Bangladesh,And in some nurseries Chandramalika tree is found and these plants cost a lot of money,A tree with flowers and a top with 500 taka,Which is much more expensive than all other flower plants,


Chandramalika flowers are of medium size and together with many flowers in the tree,And when the chandra mallika blooms, it smells very nice from the flower,And the scent of the lunar eclipse goes too far,And for this lunar eclipse, people buy a lot of money today for a nice scent and then they get on the roof of the house again.


White rose flowers

Roses are the favorite flower of all people of our world. And these roses are flowers of different colors in our world. There are many other types of rose flowers in this world, such as red yellow, white blue, etc., and the most sought after flower in the world, because rose flowers are used in various festivals or people's ceremonies, these flowers are extra,


And , the price of rose flowers is a bit higher than other flowers, so these roses have been very successful commercially around the world, so the roses are cultivated in every country of our world, and by cultivating these roses, farmers are very profitable,


Any rose flower tree is of medium size and the stem of the rose tree is cut off and burned to the ground, but a new tree is formed from that branch o So the rose tree grows rapidly. Each rose flower bloom on each rose tree branch. Rose petals round and leaf green,


Roses can be planted anywhere, but most of those who love to plant flowers are planted on the terrace or porch of the living room f Use fertilizer so that the plants are always green and fresh.

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