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Why Do I Feel So Heavy Hearted. Take a two minutes and focus on this message to start your day! Get comfortable, drop your shoulders, take a deep breath, become fully present, close your eyes and listen.

I am not saying you should run away from your life and start fresh. I am saying you know there are things that weigh on you and they take a toll. Sadly they seem normal because they are for you. You wonder why you feel this way but you don’t address these weights holding you down.

Weights can be from many different types of things like toxic relationships, financial struggles, lack of self-worth or unresolved traumas. The list can go on and on. They can also be simple things like a cluttered or dirty house, forgetting to do things daily that impact your life, procrastination and or lack of motivation. No matter how big or small the weight is it is still part of what’s holding you back.

Some of these weights are on your mind daily and some you may have buried away hidden from your conscious mind years ago. The one thing they all have in common is that they are unresolved. They are unresolved within yourself. Regardless if you’ve done everything you could do in a physical sense to resolve them.

They have not been laid to rest within you and the reason for that can vary. Sometimes it can be because you have buried the experience before it was able to be processed. You may be in denial, avoidance, or active resistance against an event or situation so again it’s unable to be processed. Or you could be simply procrastinating dealing with whatever it is and thus have yet to process it.

When we avoid process we avoid growth and we avoid freedom. There is nothing to fear even though fear can feel like it consumes us. Processing painful events is uncomfortable. There’s no way around this. This is why having a life coach can be so valuable. You have someone walk through these events with you that’s a stable, unbiased and guiding hand through the process.

Processing simply means remembering or experiencing events as they occur completely present, taking the role of the observer as you witness it, allowing the energy around it to move through you, moving into acceptance and allowing it to be as it was and releasing any judgments you have around it. Then moving on from it and not fearing revisiting it when needed. This leads to you flying high and feeling free.

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