Think Again To Act Overdo And Overconfidence

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Hello steemian friends.

What we have and do should not be excessive. So even with having confidence. Self-confidence is indeed important, and must be in us, but it should not be excessive and make us too confident. Overconfidence is dangerous, because it can have a negative impact on us. That's why we shouldn't be too confident.

This is the impact that will occur if you are too confident.

People who are overconfident will have a closed attitude, not listening to others. So that will make him not develop. It can even embarrass itself. Make ourselves closed Having an overly confident attitude makes us a closed person. Closed in the sense of not listening to what other people say.

This happens because they already feel confident about their own abilities. Even though our ability is not necessarily good in the eyes of others. Because life not only thinks of oneself, but also other people.

Life does not progress and develop

Because you feel yourself the best and right, Then do not want to listen to input from other people, then his life does not develop. That's why we have to listen to what other people say. Because in criticism or input there must be benefits and wisdom that can be taken.

Vulnerable to make mistakes

Feeling more informed about many things and believing in one's own abilities is dangerous. Because it can make us vulnerable to making mistakes. This happens because we do not want to listen to other people and feel ourselves capable. Instead of doing something and getting good results.But the results are not good.

Do not want to introspect yourself

Being too confident about one's own abilities can cause us not to introspect ourselves. Though it is not unlikely that we have deficiencies that we must contemplate and correct. So even when people criticize or scold us. Then we must be able to introspect ourselves.

Make yourself shy

Do something good but instead embarrass yourself. How did it happen? That's because it's too confident. We must be willing to discuss with others and not be too sure of ourselves. Because it doesn't make yourself good, but it will embarrass yourself.

Believe it is reasonable and pay attention to the surrounding environment. Everyone must have confidence, but proper self-confidence. Don't overdo it because it will have a bad impact. Also pay attention to the surrounding environment, listen to what other people say. Because confidence is not to make life as you wish. But to make our social life better.

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