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Change Your Story Transform Your Life. Take a two minutes and focus on this message to start your day! Get comfortable, drop your shoulders, take a deep breath, become fully present, close your eyes and listen.

“I am week.” “I am a failure.” “I am not enough.” Words mean things and they have power beyond what you are appreciating. You are choosing what defines you by the words you choose to describe yourself with. Which events in your life are you selecting to tell the world who you are? And how are you describing them?‬

Out of literally millions of events in your life you have selected a handful that you feel represent and tell a story about who you are and what you are capable of achieving. When we think about it that way it seems kind of ridiculous. You are much more than a handful of events and your reactions to them. Still how you describe these events changes everything.

How you chose to respond or react to these events built a story in your mind about yourself. The conclusions you came to based on how these events unfolded set the stage for how you ended up telling your story. You are the one telling the story of you. First you tell this story in your own mind and then you repeat it to others and you are choosing how you will describe it. The people around you believe you when you tell them who you are and so does the universe.

The universe always says yes when you say “I am a failure” the universe says “Yes you are.” When you say “I am powerful” the universe says “Yes you are.” You see the choice is and has always been yours. You tell the tale and then the world responds. No matter the event you tell the story of what it means. You set the stage for how it will be interpreted by others.

No we can’t control how other people perceive us. That’s not our job and it never has been. The beginning of the story though begins with you and how you tell it will impact how it is received. More importantly than how others respond to your story is what it tells you about who you are. •
Every story you believe about yourself is telling you what’s possible for you. What you believe is what you expect to receive. These story’s that you tell yourself can either restrict your growth or amplify it. Don’t forget when the universe always agrees with you, choose to tell a story that takes you in the direction of your dreams and not one that fulfills your fears.

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