Selfie Show Competition ( Prize 10 SBD ) 10 Days - Day #1

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Positive energy conquers the hearts of people, this is a competition for all who have a beautiful smile, a comical spirit, the creative energy of fun.

You need to be my follower
Place personal creative selfie photo in the comments space
Upvote this post
Resteem this post
Photo must be original ( Must be a personal user picture - max one photo)
Be part of Steem Schools discord channel
Awards relate only to this post
The competition lasts for 10 days

1st place: 5 SBD
2nd place: 3 SBD
3rd place : 2 SBD

Judges :
Only judges can vote : @dobartim


We win together - Be part of our Steem Schools discord channel :
See you on the top @dobartim


Smile :)




My shine the 32 entry😁😁😁


happy day.. <316388088_10209024847398435_8357729268815039841_n.jpg

Welcome to Steemit


@dobartim Excellent how beautiful contest I add friend, with a big smile you have to laugh to be more alive, congratulations for creating this tender and lively contest.

@dobartim Excelente que bonito concurso me sumo amigo , con una gran sonrisa hay que reír para estar con más vida, felicidades por crear este tierno y animado concurso.

Make one selfie

I was getting ready for work and my dog " silky" jumped on my lap so we took a picture for her daddy " my boyfriend " i have also resteemed, upvoted and joined your group im excited to meet new people🧡.


Much informative keep it up

Bro !! Did you read the post?

Welcome to Steemit

Love the @selfishow very much, Thanks @dobartim for this wonderful platform. Here is my selfie at 4000 meters on frozen river in Indian Himalayas:


I want to partocipate sir @dobartim

This is my entry


Thank you so much..

♡ My entry ♡

Wooooowww!! Positive energy gives hope to everybody.

The power of smile + selfie = happiness & positive outlook. Woohojooooo!
Thank you sir @dobartim for another awesome challenge. Have a great day sir. Bless you and family.

Sonriendole a la vida

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Nice competition for catching fun @dobartim.
This is me always ready to smile and have fun no matter how tough life may be or the obstacles thrown at me. It's a smiling something 😁😁😁

PS. I'd like to see your smiling picture too @dobartim... If you have the time sha.


mi entrada al concurso: día 1

My kids & I


My mom and I....