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Stuffing My Emotions Doesn't Work. Take two minutes and focus on this message to start your day! Get comfortable, drop your shoulders, take a deep breath, become fully present, close your eyes and listen.

We forget that when we stuff everything down inside of us, it ends up rotting us out from the inside. We lie to ourselves and say “It’s fine.” When these things surface we ignore, deny or avoid them. When they bubble up, we turn away and hide. Then we wonder why we are suffering. ‬
Well let me tell you why you suffer, it’s the rot. The rotting pile of unresolved and unprocessed garbage piling up inside of you. I get it, I totally do! You see you learned this tactic young. It made you feel better temporarily not to be consumed by what was happening to you. Stuffing these events down inside of you worked! Your problem was solved at least for that moment.

It’s a defense mechanism, and it serves its purpose, but it leaves these events unprocessed. What does that mean? It means you never allowed yourself to feel what was coming up inside of you. You probably didn’t like the way it felt so you stopped it and restricted these emotions from continuing. So they are still inside of you waiting to be explored.

Then you never allowed yourself to move through the painful experiences and reflect on all the things that surface within it. All those thoughts you didn’t want to think, they got restricted too. They were never allowed to be seen or understood. So you never moved through them to the other side where you would have found acceptance and peace. They are waiting to be seen.

Then there is the energy component. The energy that filled your body when this event transpired. This energy was a result of all that you encountered that day. You want to believe it's gone, but your body holds it. Like an anchor it sits within you, heavy and immobile. You didn’t want it to move because it didn’t feel right, so you stopped it. Energy needs to flow, but you restricted that flow. The energy needs to move.

I know it seems more comfortable and simpler not to talk about it. You don’t even want to think about it. That way it never happened, but the thing is, it did happen. Acceptance can lead to freedom but only after you process and move through these pieces. Once you do the rot begins to get cleaned up and doesn’t smell so bad.

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