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Fear Of Not Being Enough. Why do I feel this way? - Daily Inspiration. Take two minutes and focus on this message to start your day! Get comfortable, drop your shoulders, take a deep breath, become fully present, close your eyes and listen.

What does “enough” mean to you? When do you get there if your desires keep growing? I keep reaching for bigger and bolder goals all the time. I will never reach them all because they continuously evolve with me. My contentment though lies in myself and not in my accomplishments. I don’t feel like I need to be or do enough. ‬

1/3 of Americans reported they are dissatisfied with life. That’s over 100,000,000 unhappy people. The majority of people said that they feel they lack something or not good enough. What is this pervasive belief that so many of us are experiencing? What does it mean and why do we believe it?

What does being enough mean to you? I would encourage you to examine this question. Take time today and sit down with a pen and paper and write out what enough means to you. If your answers are far-reaching, improbable or even impossible, I would ask you to re-examine and question this concept of being enough.

You know what I don’t buy it, I don’t believe in it, and you don’t have to either. For me, I have dropped the idea that I need to be enough and I have allowed myself to be where I am. Let me tell you there is deep peace, contentment, and serenity in permitting yourself to be where you are without judging where you are. Trying to be enough it’s all about judgment, and I don’t need a scale of not being good enough or more than enough to define me.

Being raised with positive and negative reward systems, you often end up with this need to feel good enough. We are a human being which means we continually fail. We learn through failure, so we end up believing we are not worthy. In the end, our domestication taught us that we are not good enough which is a complete lie. There doesn’t have to be a scale that you measure yourself with at all.

By removing the range and no longer concerning myself with being good enough or not good enough I now experience more contentment in my life. I find it easier to be more present and engaged. I am allowed to be when, where and how I am in this moment. That is freaking glorious and incredibly freeing. I don’t need to convince myself I’m enough. I threw that scale in the garbage and didn't look back.

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I fear not trying, not knowing, AKA regret. That's a motivation. love what you are saying so much. Resteemed.

I understand. Thank you for sharing love