Seo Minwoo of K-Pop Boy Band 100% Dies at 33

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There have been many deaths within the Kpop industry ~ many deaths from supposed suicides but for a man such as Seo Minwoo who was just at the ripe age of 33 has many questioning, why?

Knowing that many of these kids are scouted out at a very young age then trapped into 'slave' contract by their music companies have seen many of these young stars abuse in a way where they have endless performance practices, forced to go on very restrictive diets and not always medically treated right away when they become injured when performing for their loving fans.

Since I am not a doctor, my knowledge on health is not large in scope and what I say is just my own opinion and not medical advice.

It has been reported that Minwoo died of a Cardiac Arrest aka Heart attack. Soooooo, unless this singer had a previously diagnosed heart condition or been hit by one of the Criminal Elites heart attack gun, I'm wondering if he had a vitamin or mineral deficiency?

If these South Korean singers are all restricted in their diets and only get minimal amounts of food in order to maintain a slim and beautiful look then the small amounts of food lacking in the proper nutrition may have caused his heart to fail. I'm not saying that that's the cause but a lack of the essential vitamins and minerals are known to cause many health conditions and diseases.

For example, little children living in China have frequently had heart attacks due to the lack of 'selenium' in their food, specifically their rice. The lack of selenium in ones diet 'may' cause heart problems. Another one may be 'magnesium' which relaxes ones muscles and the heart being a muscle, helps it function properly.

This happens a lot with Athlete who train for long periods of time. They drink tons of water which washes out many vitamins and minerals plus their excessive sweating also pulls toxins plus minerals out of their body. They drink sports drinks and stuff like Gatorade to quench their thirst but does not restore the important vitamins and minerals lost. Eventually, their is 'manfunction' from the lack of.

Another theory I have for a guy so young in passing is because of radiation. Yes, you heard right ~ FUKUSHIMA!

Most American and Canadians are oblivious to the fact that those nuclear plants that blew up during the Fukushima incidents are now still spewing radiation into the air and water in Japan and surrounding countries like China, Vietnam, and Korea. It's gotten so bad that all the radioactive water gather from the nuclear plants are dumped right into the Pacific Ocean and has drifted to Canada and the United States.

The reason why citizens of the Westetn world don't know about this is because their mainstream media were told not to report on it. If all knew that it was the fault of the faulty General Electric Nuclear Plants there would be much lost profits.

For people who lived through Nuclear radiation, it has been studied that those citizens would have health issues like heart attacks, bleeding noses, bleeding gums, all teeth falling out, hair falling out and more. The young will have heart attacks.

Doctors would never admit it because the loss of profits will be too much.

Much condolences to the family of Seo Minwoo and may he Rest in Peace.


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