Introducing new blocchain social media like steemit...

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Welcome to platform ....


In fact, let us know what you do here, what your job is and what your own thoughts are

  • This is an earning platform and I am not a very old user. I have been here for the last 13 to 14 days. I have joined this new earning platform and I have shared some of the things I have understood and the thoughts of my future with this platform.*

I have worked on many online based learning platforms and the rules and regulations of each platform are different but I like serey a little different and different type of platform. Not compared #steemit ... so let's talk about all the benefits and what you can get next.

Upcoming Features About


It seems to me that this platform is completely different from all other platforms not #steemit ...I also like hive....

  • I think every user here can work very easily and more easily without any hassle.

  • I think you can easily start your work by creating an account here.

  • And you can easily earn an amount on this platform.

  • I think the rules and policy that this has are very simple.

  • And I hope I can do a lot better from this site.

That was my future opinion

Serey Marketplace...


You can easily buy and sell any product of your choice

  • If you want to talk about this platform marketplace, you will like it a lot because serey marketplace is so good that you can buy and sell any product of your choice from here with your serey money here.*

What is the marketplace now that it is really a very good and very beautiful marketplace and the developers have created it so beautifully that everyone really likes it.

Serey sour...


There is no point in discussing this because of course I believe I have learned a lot of new things from this new platform knife. I have learned new things. Some new ideas have come to my brain which I might not have known if I had not joined this site. .

Here you can earn more money very well.

  • If you ask someone a question, you can earn coins through the question
  • and if you answer the question, you can also earn income from there.
    This is a very good aspect of this site.

Serey Lottery....


Here you can change your luck if you want because here you can earn a lot of money by lottery. If you have a good fortune, then of course you can make a good earn in one chance. It can be small or big from this site. One such platform is giving you so much.

Serey cross posting...


Of course you don't have to tell me about it. This is a site where if you write something you have other platforms, one of which is #steem & #hive. You don't need to write separately on these two sites because if you do something on this site. If you work, you can easily share your work on these two sites where your time will be saved and there will be income from all around.

** What I like most about this thing is that by working on a site where I have less time, I am getting my videos on my other sites as well as my videos at the same time.**

Serey Exchange....

This platform is giving you all kinds of benefits. You are thinking of one thing. You don't have to walk anywhere else for your exchange. You have some good exchange. The exchange site that is active in Sehri now is #Stex exchange.

And of course, those who are in the team are thinking of adding some bigger sites so that the serey value increases a little more.

So lastly this was my opinion and my future opinion. I hope you like it and if there is any mistake in my writing, please forgive me. Thank you all for my post.

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