Got 4000 serey coins for wining the contest. i am very happy

in #serey3 months ago

Serey launched a contest on the platform a month ago. The duration of that contest was one month. They said they would give the result of the contest in a month. As always, I joined the contest.

I imagined it would be 1st place. But I got 2nd place.

I received 4000 serey coins

Click on the link below to see what type I posted

My Post of



They said that the first place winner will be given 5000 Serey coins. The second place winner will be awarded 4000 Serey coins. Thus the reward was gradually announced.

I am very, very happy. This is the first time I have been able to take second place in a contest. Many thanks to those who considered my post.

Stay well Stay healthy Stay safe

God bless you

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