Catching a Killer: The hunt for Yang Xinhai aka part 3

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What a wild ride so far but make sure to buckle in because things are about to get even crazier. In this post we will be uncovering the bribing of a government official by . His most recent Job and were he was last spotted. First I wanted to say thank you to all who have been helping us track Yang Xinhai aka We have been flooded with new information and sightings of this real jerk. I know if we all work together we will be able to catch Yang Xinhai aka If you are not yet caught up I will link part 1 and 2 below. huanren.jfif

Part 1

Part 2


After his Prison Escape

As reported in part 2, Yang Xinhai aka escaped execution with the help of some prison guards he was in a gay sexual relationship with. After his escape he made his was to the coal mining city of Luliang. Once there he knew he had to do 2 things. He needed to cash out his Hive to pay for a new Identity and find his next victim to murder and rape in that order. He managed to exchange his Hive via a coin washing service and now he was ready to set his plan in motion.huanrennews.jfif

The Bribe

Yang Xinhai aka despite his horrific looks and apatite for murder and rape he is a very smart man. What led him to the city of Luliang was the then Mayor, Zhang Zhongsheng. Mayor Zhang Zhongsheng was very corrupt and greedy, knowing this Yang Xinhai aka decided to bribe him with all of the money he revived fro his Hive in exchange for a new identity and a job as a police officer. Yang Xinhai aka knowing how gross his face is and how that would make him recognizable asked for a position on the riot police in Hong Kong. Full head gear would protect his identity. The picture above are actual photos of Yang Xinhai aka beating a woman and an old man.

Mayor Gets Caught and Executed

Mayor Zhang Zhongsheng was caught shortly after taking the bribe from Yang Xinhai aka He was up on trial and found guilty. He was later executed. Many people think Yang Xinhai aka was the one who turned him in, yes that's right he is a jerk and a snitch. Here is an article liked below.

We need your help

As posted last time we need your help catching this jerk. Any tips or information on the location of Yang Xinhai aka please leave in the comments below. Lets catch this jerk together.


It's time to catch and kill this piece of shit. Fucking cocksucker😠


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we are on his trail and will make him pay

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