Les Revenants (The Returned) season 1 - How would you react if a dead family member suddenly came back as if nothing happened?

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An answer to the question in the title can be found in this French series from 2012. A very unique production about the story of a little town where one day, a bunch of dead people reappeared just like that. One by one, these dead people returned to the world of the living.

They have no idea they died in the past, and at the beginning, they weren't even aware there were others just like them. The feels this show induces are similar to those of The Leftovers, an amazing series I enjoyed some time ago. In The Leftovers, what happens is that suddenly a bunch of people disappeared, so in this sense, it is a similar topic but also the opposite

These 2 shows are similar because they both focus on the drama and trying to make sense of something that cannot be explained. There is another show with a similar topic called The Crossing, although this one is more focused on the action, not on the drama.

The people that reappeared died at different times but all of them are deaths from recent years, meaning no deaths from previous eras. But so far I have only watched the first season so who knows what surprises are in season 2. They are also very different people, with little in common between them apart from the fact that they died and now have somehow returned.


This show is mainly about mystery, there is no scary scenes or anything like that. It is an intriguing plot with very good performances. Season 1 doesn't provide an explanation to what is happening in this place, I hope season 2 can provide all the answers because there are only 2 seasons of this show. The mystery is not only about how or why these people came back from the dead, but there are also other events that cannot be explained and I bet they are all related.

Les Revenants is not a perfect series of course. There are some little issues but they didn't reduce my enjoyment in the least. I think every good show must always have a good song and intro, this one certainly have them. You can check the intro of the first season below. Second 49 gave me some Silent Hill chills the first time I watch it, but this isn't what the show is about.

When it comes to the overall quality, I put this show on the same level as The Leftovers. They are both serious takes that try to tackle these impossible situations with excellent dramatic acting. Plus, both stories are intriguing. After watching season 2 I will confirm if this show's story is really as good as The Leftovers.

If you enjoy mystery, fantasy, and good drama then you should certainly give this series a watch. Make sure not to confuse yourself with the American remake, I read the French version is way better and this article is about the French one.


The best

  • Overall amazing series, with an interesting plot and very good performances.
  • Character development is great, with each episode dedicated mainly to 1 character.

The worst

  • A twin doesn't change that much in just 4 years, so he/she could be easily recognized by everyone.

More information: https://www.themoviedb.org/tv/46616-les-revenants
Review: AAA
In numbers: 8.5/10


I watched it and i found it quite scary