The Expanse season 3 - "Go into a room too fast, kid… The room eats you"

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I am amazed by how this series has gotten so much better in season 3. The second season was a huge improvement over the first one, but the third season has put this show near the top in my personal list of favorite current shows. I would be hard to explain what this season is all about without giving small spoilers about the previous seasons, so have this in mind.

In this show, humans have colonized parts of our solar system. There are 3 main human populations, the Earth obviously, Mars and the other people who live on the asteroid belts/moons of several planets. These people have a lower reputation and are the least sophisticated of the 3 groups.

Throughout the 2 previous seasons, the underlying plot besides the political issues between these 3 groups of humans, has been the existence of an estrange substance called protomolecule. In the beginning, it was making people sick and causing them death. Then, in season 2 we could see more about the real potential of this weird thing when it somehow

(big spoilers ahead of season 2)
took control of a big asteroid but not only that, it also created a kind of simulated being or perhaps it was a very infected human being, who was in contact with the protomolecule and could somehow influence its control.

In short words, she was able to stir the asteroid trajectory to avoid a catastrophe. At the beginning of season 2 we can also see a very weird blue being who doesn't use a spacesuit and is aggressive. Later on, we will discover what that thing really was.


In season 3, the capabilities of the protomolecule are expanded even further and it is much more complex than anyone can think of. This is something beyond human comprehension but since it is so close to them, they must find a way to deal with it.

The political tensions in season 3 are hotter than ever but the challenges imposed by the protomolecule are also harder and crazier than ever before. The ideas that are explored in this season were exciting and sometimes even thought-provoking. It is possible the humanity is out of its depth in this season.

The great scifi part is what caused me to really enjoy this season, other parts of the series, such as the always tricky alliances and all sorts of issues that can naturally arise were good too, but the scifi part is what allowed this season to be really awesome. It was much more intriguing than season 2 and there is simply no comparison with season 1.

If you enjoy the scifi genre, make sure to give this show an opportunity. The first season didn't look like a very special show, it changes in season 2 and season 3 was absolutely top notch.


The best

  • Very intriguing scifi topic.
  • Good performances as usual.
  • Complex and promising plot. I am looking forward to begin watching next season soon.

The worst

  • The cgi was acceptable and some parts were very good looking, but other parts could have been better.

More information:
Review: AAA
In numbers: 8.5/10