The Expanse season 4 - An ancient alien planet is reached and disputes continue

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Season 3 of this show was one of the coolest scifi action production I have ever seen. The latest season is a little bit slower and not as exciting. The story in this season is about looking for the origin of the protomolecule and its creators.

This protomolecule has been present since the beginning of the show, but in each season we learn more about it and its potential also increases as time goes on. First, it looked like something that only made people sick and ultimately kill them.

Then weird beings are seen that turned out to be hybrids as a result of joining humans with the protomolecule. Later on, we also learn this thing can simulate human beings and elaborate complex constructions capable of sort of driving a whole asteroid! Later on, the protomolecule creates a totally crazy space zone, that serves as a network of wormholes and can take people to faraway places in a relatively short amount of time.

And now, in season 4 the crew finally steps foot in a planet far beyond our human capabilities for space traveling. All of this is obviously the creation of an advanced race, but they are suspected to be dead. As it is learned at the end of season 3, a mysterious force was apparently able to destroy the creators of the promolecule. Now, none of these 2 beings/races can be found and humanity wants to know more.


In this show, there are always political disputes between different human groups. This is not the exception in the new planet where the majority of the season takes place. A lot of time is invested in these disputes and hostile attitudes but what is most interesting for me is the mystery about the origins of the protomolecule and its creators, as well as their destroyers.

The exploration of the ancient structures on this planet is possible because, since season 3, the captain of the main ship in the series is able to communicate with a deceased friend. At first, he thought he was crazy but eventually he learns it is the protomolecule that is influencing his synapses so he can see and hear this friendly person. The goal is to investigate what happened with the creators because they are no longer contactable.

This ancient intelligent species was colonizing and expanding their reach very quickly. What they did was to create the protomolecule and program it to gather resources in order to create a network of wormholes to communicate with the other colonized systems. Once the wormhole network in our solar system was completed, there was no civilization on the other side. Since the protomolecule is an intelligent creation, it is able to simulate a human being in the mind of the captain.

The Expanse continues to be a great scifi series, this season wasn't as good as the previous one but it is still a top-notch show. Great choice for scifi lovers.


The best

  • It was good to learn more about the mystery behind these lost civilizations.

The worst

  • There were a few slow episodes. The season was not as intriguing/interesting as season 3.

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Review: AAA
In numbers: 8/10