New Series to Watch During Quarantine (2020)

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Hello everyone! Although i am bit sad as we have another quarantine, i see a glimpse of light as always in movies and series. Working out, finding yourself, reading, all of these are for suckers!

The true quarantine veteran knows that in order to save the world you have to sit comfortably in your couch and start discovering new movies and series.

For that i am here to save you a little bit of time and let you know of what is up these days! For today i will only show you some trailers and talk a little bit about the plot. When i finish watching most of these (which i have already done for some) i will make a post with a thorough review.


Helstrom is a Hulu original that revolves around the Marvel Universe. The first season is out and have 10 episodesI have watched this one having zero expectations and it proved way better than i thought!

The protagonists Ana and Daimon Helstrom are the son and daughter of a powerful demon and as a result they got certain powers. They got a different set of powers and goals but they are forced to get back together in order to stop their father from coming back!

La Révolution 

I am warning you, don't expect to see a series of true events regarding the France Revolution. Instead, get ready for let's say a different story of the Revolution that in a way reminds as our current situation. Yep a new virus is threatening France but what exactly this virus does?

I have only watched 2 episodes of this so far, it's quite good and intriguing i must say. Also the scenes and the atmosphere from the nature, the fights, the wealth etc etc is amazing!

Blood of Zeus 

A brand new animation from the same studio that brought Castlevania is behind this one as well. I am particularly happy because it's animation regarding my country and history and to add to that the creators are Greeks!

The plot is a mix of Greek mythology and the imagination of the creators something that i can say is interesting in my common eyes! I have watched this as well so a full review will arrive the next days!

The Mandalorian 

What can i say about this show... I can and i will say with 100% certainty that nowadays this show alone holds the whole Star Wars franchise. You don't need to have watched Star Wars to watch this one so even if you are a newbie and wanna watch a very good series then this is for you!

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