The Next Series of The Story About A Clever But Lazy Man

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Dene frowned. Me? Are you sure you are not mistaken? he asked. I know you very well. You owe me money for the rats I got for you, the man said.
Rats? What do I need rats for? Dene asked. Are you sure you know whom you are talking to? You are definitely mistaken. He laughed as if amused by the man's silly accusation. Shimbe knew that Dene was very clear and could confuse the man.
She decided to intervene. Young man, this man you are accusing is a respectable man in this kingdom, a wise chief at that.


If you say he is the one, when did you sell the rats to him and in what did you sell the rats? The man said when he sold the rats and that he had the rats in a big basket.
Shimbe wittingly drew the King and the other chiefs' attention to the same period when rats suddenly began to attack the kingdom. Perhaps, the King should send a servant to look around Dene's house for any basket, she said.

Dene understood that the woman was only being cunning. Wife of Akende, what are you trying to insinuate? that I can condescend so low to buy rats? Do people eat rats? Stop this ridiculousness. What is a woman doing in the midst of men by the way? he said.
The King who had been silent and watching the scene sent a servant to search Dene's house. The servant returned almost immediately with a big basket which he sid has been found at the back of Dene' house.
Is this the basket? the king asked the young man. Yes, this is the basket, the young man replied.


Great story my friend