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All over the world especially this jet age, internet insecurity is rampant to some extent. The lack of users data protection has become a big issue that has to be tackled. It's very unfair on how very famous firms showcase private data of numerous internet users in our world today.

For this reason, general notification is sent to governments of this globe in order to phase out this problem. In response to this, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was established by the European Union to make sure that firms adhere to instructions protecting users data on the internet.

In Blockchain centralized platforms, there is lack of adequate info security measures, users suffer data exposure a lot. Notwithstanding, an algorithm known as cryptographic algorithm has proven to solve this issue of private info exposure.

However, this boils down to the vision of SERO the tested and trusted solution to erase data insecurity.

About SERO
Globally, SERO is a Blockchain platform intending to actualize complete protection of Users through a non-interactive zero-knowledge proof.

A comparison of SERO to other Blockchain data protection systems, It does not only guarantee private info security on transaction and account, but also provide aid to Turing complete smart contracts. Moreover developers of SERO can invent encrypted cryptocurrency to support smart contacts.

What Are The Main Features of SERO ?
The smooth functioning of SERO is characterized by the these systems below;

Assets : The assets system refers to user account posses a feature of handling numerous kinds of assets. Every asset has similar features of transaction, same as SERO coins.

Account : This system consists of two arms. First, is User Accounts and the second is Contract Accounts. Both of them are special and non-repeatable.

Prove : This one posses calculation circuit that relies on directed acyclic graph for the section of internal setback on every SERO transaction. There also input and output balance of numerous categories of assets. Both public and private keys are verified, including witness authenticity, etc.

Witness : This is a system where SERO protocol applies non-interactive zero knowledge proof (NIZK) and needs to make provision for witness information of assets source when creating transactions.

The Benefits of Using SERO
Users of newly introduced platform, will enjoy the following benefits;

• Each transaction on the Blockchain network has an output and input which permits the tracking of every flow of transaction. Therefore, SERO is created to disconnect the chain linking both transactions and make attack on users privacy practically in impossible.

• There is also existence of private collection address in the Blockchain network for each user. Inside the network, are corresponding identity of all transaction on the collection address. As a result of this corresponding identification, user private data are exposed. However,that's not a challenge at all, because SERO will ensure that payment address is not related, using encryption tech.

• In these days of privacy porosity, it is very much possible to fish out specific users addresses by statically conducting series of Blockchain data analysis. Therefore, SERO has the capacity to totally hide the user address including the correlation existing between the addresses through tech assistance.

SERO functionality and efficiency is highly significance in Blockchain. It's privacy protection on transactions extends the Bitcoin protocol. User data protection is the major reason for creating SERO. Finally, in anticipation, it intends to employ more advanced consensus approaches to improve its network efficiency.

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