UFMBOT Down For Upgrades

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@ufmbot will be down until we finish upgrading. We will be switching to the votebot provided from steem-engine, and includes a listing on steembottracker.com.

Anyone who sends upvote requests while the bot is down will be refunded manually.

It should be back up and running at some point today.


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Could you please tell us when @ufmbot will be running OK?
"It should be back up and running at some point today.". That was two days ago...

We are waiting on the steem-engine team. It should have taken about 15 minutes but those guys are busy.

I wasn't paying close enough attention. I sent 25 UFM then an additional 25 UFM to @ufmbot, thinking I used the wrong url. Hopefully the bot will be back up soon.

@upfundme I have just sent 20 UFM too :) Hope the vote will come soon.

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