Photoshop Tutorial: Action to be easy to work,

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Photoshop Tutorial: Action to be easy to work,

While working in Photoshop, many things have to be done with patience. If that work is needed more than once, then there is no word. Patience testing every time. Photoshop has the ability to use it once again to make it easy to use. Maybe you want to give specific effects on the image, using the given parameter to make it dark, and you have so many images. Work on an image.
Record work steps when working, as an Action. Then play the recorded steps on another image. There will be similar changes available.photoshop-action.jpg
Let's see what the results are available using the Action with Photoshop (CS5).
. Open an image.
. Open Action Palette (Window - Actions).
. Select the Wood Frame action.
. Click the Play icon at the bottom of the Action panel.
The timber frame around the photo can be found in the moment.

How to Create Action
. Open an image.
. Click the Create New Action icon in the Action panel. Type a name of type according to the type of work.
. Click Start Recording icon.
. Do the tasks.
. When finished, click Stop Recording button.

To use this action in other images, open it and click the Play icon. Anything done on the previous image will be done in the next image.


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