Use Photoshop plugin i Candy for different types of effects

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Use Photoshop plugin i Candy for different types of effects

One of the most popular photoshop plugins used to be called Blackbox. The droppad could easily be made with that. It is to be assumed that Photoshop did not have its own dropspace, if necessary, had to take it using the brush. Now many such opportunities have been brought in Photoshop. On the other hand, changing names like BlackBox Ikindi have been improved.
Icqi 6.0 is divided into two parts of the effect or filter. A section contains text or selection. That is, you can use it by typing text or select a part of the image and use it there. Basically this effect will be used in the selection or selection around the selection or text. Another type is texture. For making any type of texture starting from bricks, stones, wood, marble, cloths.
Let's try some of these effects.
Backlight: It can be used to create various types of light sources behind text or selection. There are many presets. There is also a choice to change colors, sources, light beams, etc.
. Use Command Text from the Text or Selection Layer Filter - Alien Skin Eye Candy 6: Text & Selection - Backlight
. Select the desired preset.
. Make the necessary changes.
A great advantage of Icandi is to create a new layer for the effect, keeping the main layer unchanged. So there is no problem to test various.
Corona: Do not make the light to come out of the sun. There are several colors and sepets in different presets. As well as the arrangement for changing their choices. Usage rules are the same as before. Use the Effects command from the menu and use the preset or modify it.
Drip: drip to give fluid implant effect The red-letter writing can be easily seen in the form of liquid or blood-drawn blood.
Fire: By using fire effects, you can set fire or texture. If you want to show something in a scene, this effect is just a few seconds.
Apart from these effects, the effects of bevel, chroma, extruded, gloss, gradient, motion trail, perspective suedo, state, smoke, snow drift etc.And the effects of texture parts are: Animal Fir, Brick Wall, Brass Metal, Diamond Plate, Marble, Reptile Skin, Ripol, Stone Wall, Weave, Wood, Water Drop etc.
An Eye Candy made from Alien Skin, one of the most useful plugins for working in Photoshop. If you still do not have it, then collect it.
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