Killing Seven77 Giving Birth to Bridge777

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Because I saw STEEM as a Blockchain that has the potential to change millions of people’s life positively, I gave everything that I could only to STEEM for the last 17 months

It was priceless experience for me and I’ve learned a lot by failing. I’ve Accumulated good people of STEEM

Started STEEM Angel List and Failed
Started STEEMian Hunt 10k and Failed

Voluntarily Delegated SP to STEEM DApps and learned that it’s better to delegate to individuals STEEMians and empower their own STEEM journey

Dlive leaving STEEM made me go all in with Dtube Voluntarily. Accidentally came up with DtubeSnap idea and I was doing everything to build a small team to execute it

Attending SF3 made me realise that I should focus on Building a Thriving Dtube Community and set up a foundation to help Dtube Revolution. So started with creating DtubeFamily777

Everything was going well with building DtubeFamily777 until the news of 70 % lay off announcement. So I immediately pivoted DtubeFamily777 to Link777

I struggled a lot to come up with a framework for Link777 and then I saw a Tweet from @ Naval

Twitter is much better resume than LinkedIn

I stopped Link777 and started TrashManGo on my own and thought about raising seed funding from @ garyvee and @ chamath to execute it. So I decided to Build my own Entrepreneur CV on Twitter to get angel investors introduction easily

Started STEEM Twitter Hustle to help me and our STEEM. Luckily @freecrypto allowed me turn his 10 Push-ups Challenge for @Actifit into STEEM Seven77 Challenge exclusively on Twitter

Honestly I thought large stake holders of STEEM would participate in this challenge and I begged everyone to participate. I stopped creating content on STEEM for a while to focus in Seven77 Twitter Movement and I was super happy to see many STEEMians joined

The number of participants increased day by day, most people were close to finishing the original 77 Days and I had to convince them to commit to 777 Days to make $7.77 STEEM a reality this year. I’m forever grateful for STEEMians who participated in Seven77 Challenge

Seven77 Challenge was evolved into PushBook idea. PushBook startup had most of key ingredients a startup should have and also missed few important ingredients. I can’t simply carry on with PushBook without those ingredients, So I had to go and find them

I’m extremely sorry for taking few days to think deeply execution of PushBook and reflecting on what I’ve learned so far with STEEM. So far I’ve concluded that I wanted to

  1. Kill Seven77 Challenge from Today
  2. Put PushBook Startup on hold
  3. Help someone Build a Bridge between STEEM and EOS or build Bridge777 on my own

I’ll be posting a blog soon about why Building a Bridge between STEEM & EOS has true potential of impacting millions of people’s life and how we can go about building Bridge777 in the coming days

Burning bridges are easy and building bridges are hard

Sorry I need more time thinking and I’ll be back soon

I’ll do my last of Seven77 Challenge today

Thanks a million


You could try focusing on what you have instead of what you don't! Motivating 600+ people is no small task. But this isn't good enough for you...and putting pressure on everyone to match the expansion of your ego is wrong.

The things we want to happen do not always happen in the exact same time frames we choose. Not getting what you want...precisely when you want it and then getting upset when you don't get it? Honestly...I did not expect that level of immaturity coming from you.

It was fun while it lasted...and I will always be grateful for your previous support. But...I drifted away from the challenge because my personal vision and motivations changed. We all walk around with our own dreams and passions and sometimes they don't line up anymore...or at all with your own particular path.

Expecting 2000 people to crunch together on exactly the same wavelength...and on a tight looks rather insane from where I am sitting. It might have been better to wait for the natural progression of all these people and individual pathways to come together and work together in harmony...instead of forcing it. I am sure that you would have met and exceeded this goal in time.

We are all human...and we all have ups and downs. It is okay to get frustrated sometimes and lean on others for support. Also...switching gears and generally doing what is personally best for you is a great long as you do not hurt anyone while doing this! Unfortunately your decision to 'kill seven77' does hurt others. I am very disappointed and sad...but not upset. I would be...had I mindlessly pushed myself beyond my limits. I lost the willpower to continue...but had planned on completing the challenge in my own time. The other day...I was also brainstorming a new kind of 'seven things' that matches new evolved goals. I guess participating with that...won't be happening.

There must have been a way to keep the challenge going for those that dedicated so much more of themselves...and also for those yet to join...while also continuing on with your new idea to raise the price and or profile of steem. You are basically alienating everyone who has contributed and would have contributed in the future.

Edited to add...
I totally understand the need to dedicate energy elsewhere...because I am doing the same thing right now. So...why not leave the option open for someone to take over leadership of the seven77 movement? It would no longer be about attracting investors. Just showing regular people on twitter that the steem blockchain is here. That was always my own reason to participate anyway. Pick someone who wants to keep it going...either hand over the existing twitter account or make a new dedicated one for retweets. It would be awesome to have a steem side account connect both sides. It would become just like any voluntary posting seven of ANYTHING and share it. Like colorchallenge or fruitsandveggiesmonday or wednesdaywalk or tarottuesday. These have growing communities too...simply because the hashtag gathers like minded together. Anyone who wants to continue on with this challenge because they enjoy doing it still can. Instead of being jolted out of the routine based on your whim.

I drifted away from the challenge because my personal vision and motivations changed

All I can say that I truly appreciate your contribution to STEEM Seven77 Twitter Movement

I know I’m not perfect and deep down I know I gave my all to STEEM during last 17 months. I wasn’t in my best version of myself during this time

I blame myself for everything. I made mistakes and I failed many times

Seven77 Twitter Movement was build on wrong foundation and I cannot simply let someone else to take over

Please let me take a small break and think about how to build a bridge between EOS & STEEM with solid foundation

I’m forever grateful for you and your contribution in my journey

Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. No worries there. I just personally place a lot of importance on minimizing the damage. Didn't really contribute all that much though.

I still don't fully understand your decision...but can respect the fact it was probably a difficult one to make. Seems like it could have been handled less abruptly though. I had hoped to see the good parts of the seven77 foundation saved and sorta reinvented. I agree with the comment that you shouldn't dig up the trees you planted.

Surely the whole thing was not all wrong? The reinvention meant the community that you have gathered wouldn't have to sit idle while you move on. It could continue to grow and draw attention to steem even while you remain completely focused on the eos bridge.

You don't have to do everything yourself. I won't push the idea anymore...but the end result with keeping seven77 alive would have likely meant many more folks to support you. This just seems like most of us won't carry over to whatever role you have planned next. I can't speak for everyone but my trust has been broken...and the same seems to be true with other commenters.

Some bridges don't have to be burned. I would imagine that it will be harder for you to have full credibility in future projects now...and this decision will ultimately create more work for yourself building that faith back up.

Better to focus on one thing and succeed rather that stretch yourself to thin and not finish anything. I will keep doing Seven77 for now.

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I definitely agree with focusing on One Thing

Guess I never took time to reflect on own STEEM journey and last few days I’ve been thinking a lot about how we can push STEEM forward

Sometimes we had to stop doing something for do something great

So Building a Bridge Between STEEM & EOS is my focus now and Seven77 Family will play important role in this new chapter

Good luck, you have helped a lot of us move forward with Seven77. Do keep us informed of you progress.

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Thank you so much

I’ll definitely keep everyone updated with the progress of Building Bridge with STEEM & EOS

Hello fellow @nathanmars

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So then are we not supposed to continue with the videos? Or should we use a different tag?

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Extremely sorry for the late response dude

Please kindly end your Seven77 Challenge

STEEM Seven77 Twitter Movement brought so many good STEEMians together to represent STEEM

Truly appreciate your continuous contribution

Well... that’s quite the journey you have been on @NathanMars!

I can certainly appreciate ALL the hard work and steps you have taken thus far.

I’m sad to hear that your planning on burning the #Seven77 Bridge... but I’m telling you! I’m FULLY committed to finishing my 77 days! Right to the very last day!

I’m working on editing my day 71 of the #Seven77 Challenge. Its a big video project with lots of cool time laps content so I’m excited to be putting it out by the end of this week! (That’s the goal anyhow!)

Anyways! From personal and professional experience... I have found it to be hard at times (often due to business/market cycles and sentiment) to drive directly at a goal... so many times pivoting or moving laterally is what makes sense... although that can be frustrating as HELL!

Of one thing I’m confident... once you have the right idea you will tenaciously hold in there and it will be a raving success! I’m certain about that.

Thank you for bringing us all along with #Seven77! I’m looking forward to what you do next. You are a man of action and THAT is just what Steem needs right now! People, like yourself, with bright ideas and the drive, determination, tenacity, and massive amounts of energy and action to make them a reality!

Keep on going my friend!

Please don’t stop your personal goal with Seven77 and I know you’ve put so much efforts into your every single video

I’m blessed with my fellow STEEMians coming together for push our STEEM forward

so many times pivoting or moving laterally is what makes sense... although that can be frustrating as HELL

I’ve been listening to Paul Graham of YCombinator lately and every single time he talks about importance of pivoting and killing startup ideas

Can’t wait for the new beginning

Also I’m so sorry not responding to your Twitter DM and I’ll do it ASAP

Yes... HOWEVER! I am a firm believer in compounded efforts Nathan.

What I mean by this is... Taking an idea and persisting. Be that a reiteration or complete model resign... That's fine! But taking the best of everything and honing it to the sharp end of the spear.

My efforts with my companies @BeachReady (and others) have been the cumulation of many successes and failures all combined into one! Lateral movements were required as I evolved and grew as an entrepreneur but I never dug up the tree's I had planted just because they didn't yield fruit when I wanted them to.

Often I wasn't who I needed to be and had things to learn, other times the economics indicated winter rather than summer harvest times, still others required me to take my ideas and redesign the business model from the ground up... same exact business... but new and better way to do it!

But I learned LONG AGO (during my humble roots past and coming of age) TO NEVER SHOOT THE PIGS... The weather/markets will change and TRUE VALUE EXISTS in your ideas despite if the markets are sane and valuing your efforts or not. It's persistence and confidence that ushers in the "over night" success... success that could be just around the corner!

I hope that this all makes sense even though I may have spoken cryptically in spots.

Nathan! Thank you for commenting back and encouraging me to continue working on my final 7 videos for the #Seven77 Challenge! I appreciate you more than you know my friend!

I look forward to hearing back from you in response to my Twitter DM! Thank you! :)

P.S. I don't know if you read my little note to you or watched my gratefulness video but here's the link:

Hello fellow @nathanmars

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So much has happened in the time you started your journey here @nathanmars
And it is a shame that you have decided to kill Seven77
I know many people who jumped on board to make the vision come true
And it will come true one way or another
I would like to believe it

Thank you so much for your passion and efforts
It is not easy but you managed to get so many of us on board...
And you were one of the game changers of the year for sure

I wish you only the best and hope the break gives you clarity for your next steps
I will see you around the SteemVerse... I hope (since you are still powering down.... so I am not sure)
And thank you so much for everything you've done ... for Steem... for me

Appreciate your kind words dear

I tried to make positive impact in others life from inside STEEM Blockchain and learned so much from my failures

Now it’s time for me to focus on Building bridge between EOS & STEEM

Sorry that I had to power down to invest in my next project Bridge777 ( Bridge between EOS & STEEM)

New chapter of STEEM Journey needs different version of myself and different approach and I’ll be back soon with good news

You did make a positive impact in so many's
They are not failures..... they are part of your journey

Do what's right for you Nathan
And I wish you only the best and will look out for your comeback <33

Honestly Nathan, with all due appreciation I think the seven 77 was a massive sucess the only thing was that we needed that framework of which you were working on I mean people like @andrachy did the push up, that's to show you we went to the moon really. The price of Steem didn't help matters though and you, I and people invested a lot because we believe in you, and I always will really. Infact I think there has been progress, we may not see it, but there is. Truth is I'm with you, and always available if you need me.

@nathanmars done lots motivation !

Great thanks ! 💙

anyway @bluengel will Keep On ! Steem ♨ On !

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I can’t simply Thank you enough for everything you’ve done

I’m taking a small break and think about strategies to build a bridge between EOS & STEEM

I’ll be back soon

Yup ! always will Be here where i am :) 💙

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곰돌이가 @bluengel님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.009을 보팅해서 $0.014을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 6081번 $66.719을 보팅해서 $77.827을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

고마운 곰도뤼~💙

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곰돌이가 @bluengel님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.009을 보팅해서 $0.014을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 6052번 $66.363을 보팅해서 $77.516을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~


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You are one of the good ones man. I know I can speak for so many when I say thank you for all you have put into all of our journeys.

As always, I'm always here if you need anything at all...Just let me know what I can do to help!

Thanks a million Jon

You’ve personally contributed so much to my own STEEM journey

I’ll be meeting Roger Ver today in Tokyo and start making connections with some powerful people in Crypto to guide me Building the bridge between STEEM & EOS

I’ll keep you updated

Nathan, I feel so blessed to have been able to finish my #seven77 journey so it has touched my life more than you know. I am with @jongolson & support you 100%. Sometimes we have to make changes & move onto new things to grow & reach our dream goals. Thank you for all you do & you can count on me. 🙏🤗♥️

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Thanks a million Jenn for spreading positive vibes into our STEEM Family

Seven77 Challenge brought True believers of STEEM together

Can’t wait for the brand new chapter of Bridge777

The creator of steem blockchain and eos is one, he didn’t click with Ned for some reason, but maybe he’ll click with you...just saying...That would be awesome.

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Anything is possible in this world

We need to see the bigger picture

I’ll do whatever it takes to push our STEEM community forward and building a bridge with EOS definitely won’t be a easy one but it’s worth it

I agree that it’s worth it. And I’ll stand behind and support you on your endeavor. I DM you in Twitter,btw. And I did my last seven77 too today. And looking forward to that bridge 777. 💜♨️🦋7️⃣💪

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Oh my, @nathanmars. So Seven77 is done? I hope all the people who have invested so much of themselves into it are prepared for ghis news!

STEEM Seven77 Twitter Movement vision was to push the price of STEEM to $7.77 this year

Building a bridge between STEEM & EOS is probably the shortest route to $7.77 $STEEM

Everyone benefits when the price of STEEM gets higher

I’ll personally repay everyone who invested their time and efforts with Seven77 Challenge

Well thank you for all you are doing to help grow the price of Steem!

a bridge between STEEM & EOS?
This is pretty interesting! Looking forward to what's coming next.

EOS has money & Advance Technology

STEEM has the powerful communities & DApps

A Bridge between both will bring enormous potential to both Blockchain

Hello fellow @nathanmars

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Thank you so much for adding value to STEEM Seven77 Twitter Movement

Unfortunately, I’ve decided to cancel Seven77 Challenge to focus on building bridge between EOS & STEEM

So please kindly wait for further details about Bridge777

In the mean time please consider pivoting @s77assistant or stopping the initiative temporarily

Thanks a million for understanding

Hi Bro,
I know that you are working very hard to build something that the community is going to enjoy. Indeed this seven77 was a great movement and I had great time working for this campaign. I will also post my last seven77 contribution today but I am sure this journey will not stop here. Its just the beginning and I will wait for further update from you about Bridge777 and would love to be part of it.
You are doing great work and putting your efforts to help community and I am always with you. I trust your vision and surely it will help the steem community.
Take care bro and stay blessed.

Truly appreciate your kind words and your continuous contribution towards STEEM Seven77 Twitter Movement

Like Bitcoin and Litecoin, STEEM and EOS community can help each other to improve people’s life

I’ll be talking to some key people in Crypto about how we can build Bridge777 and also find out if someone else is already building some similar bridge

Not sure if you can leverage off the bridge @appics and Steem-engine are building for the Appics duo blockchain solution.

we truely appreciate your hard work brother to let people know about steem, steem is truely a life changing platform but we could not convince all of them.

What ever comes on your project what ever vision you are thinking i know it gives good impact to all on steem blockchain..

We are always keep on track on you brother we are alway right behind you what ever happened.

God Bless Bro.

Thanks a million for your continuous support in my own STEEM Journey

I’ll continue thinking the best way to build the bridge between STEEM and EOS

It is my pleasure bro..see you soon to our new project..patiently waited here!🤗🤗

I'm glad to see you back with renewed vigor, @nathanmars. Welcome home.

You cannot succeed unless you try things and fail. You are certainly creative and persistent and just what we need around here.

I do not know one thing about eos except I have heard the name. I'm interested to see what you come up with, but remember so many of us are very ignorant of crypto besides steem.

So we will need easy instructions if you are asking for help from the little people. But all of us will help if we can.

Appreciate your encouraging words Sharon

Most successful people in businesses and Sports have failed over and over again

EOS is sitting close to 7th Spot in while our STEEM is sitting on 77th spot

Please also request your beta access to EOS Voice here

Hello fellow @nathanmars

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You have certainly worked really hard in promoting steem Nathan. All I want to say is thank you for the seven77 challenge. The moment I saw it I knew it was a brilliant idea👌. I remember at first I couldn't post a video directly to Twitter but you encouraged me. I didn't know I could go for over 145 days but I did. We did make an impact, almost every one on this platform has seen our push up videos 🙌 and several other people on Twitter too.
It is sad and dissappointing when something dies. However, I am looking forward to bridge777 and here to show my support 💯. Whatever happens I still know the future is bright for the steem blockchain and everything being built on it 👍😁

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Thank you so much brother for your unwavering commitment to STEEM & Seven77

Seven77 Twitter Movement was brought so many STEEMians together from all around the world

Can’t wait to build a bridge between STEEM & EOS community

Sending you lots of love to Kenya 🇰🇪

Hey Nathan! It's exciting to see you embracing EOS! I'm currently Ambassador for two EOS projects so maybe could aport some idea or so to your new project😁

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We must embrace building bridges between good crypto projects to make positive impact in people’s life

I’m currently taking a small break and thinking a shortest and the fastest way to build bridge between EOS & STEEM

I’ll be in touch soon

Thank you so much for your continuous efforts in making crypto ecosystem thriving

You are doing so many awesome things all for the Steem Blockchain! I think all your efforts are a success! Everyday I post Splinterlands content on Steem. If I can incorporate the bridge with it that will work better. I try to bring new people from Steem and not on Steem yet to come play Splinterlands here on the Steem Blockchain. I will definitely try more with your eos Steem bridge plan that sounds awesome! Take a break and we will all be here to help you bridge! 👍👍

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Appreciate your kind words dear

I’m so happy for Team Splinterlands and you guys are adding so much value to STEEM

We’ve so many STEEMians who got involved with STEEM to improve other people’s life and building bridge with STEEM & EOS is no brainier

Please keep spreading positive vibes and I’ll be back soon

I was checking in on ya. Holding your tongue on the 777 failure is huge.
Taking on a venture as so much lost time on STEEM shows a huge amount of perseverance.
Hoping to hear where the stars are taking you next...very soon.

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Thank you for your kind words

777 is my calling and universe preparing me for the next chapter

Thank you bro @nathanmars
I am happy that seven77 was successful

It was a nice experience and now I have a clear vision of where I want to go. Good luck with your future projects.

Thanks a million brother

Truly appreciate your continuous contribution in my own STEEM Journey

I see what you are doing at TWITTER! I see you understood the power of that social media to improve marketing power of ours! Honestly I need your support! I made a token, worthless but I am trying to use that with STEEM Promotional stuffs specially at TWITTER, FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE!
So I need genius (like you) sup to accomplish that task!


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Never see anything you do a failure. I only see 'revolutionalised'. And eeeeee.... I need to keep up with you. Know nothing about EOS. 😜

But you are the best. And you are important man here. If you build the bridge, I know there will be people who follow suit.

Appics is the first bridge I believe. STEEM + EOS!

You tried a lot, many did. STEEM is growing daily with so many new sites.

What is a pushbook?

Thanks for trying 💕

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I've loved every second of seven77 so for me it was a total success. I look forward to supporting whatever new efforts you come up with. Start ups are hard and failing fast or pivoting is always a better result than hanging on til the bloody end. I've been thrilled to be a part of all of it.

Thank @nathanmars7 for your immense support for us for all these whiles; your encourage to empower Steem to reach $7.77 and delegation of SP to many steemians I myself, number of upvotes to keep us in this great exercise, we say cudos to you! We again plead with you to remember us in this new initiative that is Bridging Steem & EOS, we also pray for you for it success, thank you.

Well crafted and thought of plans, keeps me dreaming. I love how you does acknowledge the fact that few of the 'prototypes' did fail but that stopped you not to dream and execute an improved new version (not sure how to correctly frame it)

You are giant creator, keep it glowing.

thanks you very much for appreciating, and your every effort will bring best result. your passion is our passion, my effort is not big but i pray my seven77 community will gain 7.7$, nothing is impossilbe just i always say that taking first step is hard, when we took first step now nothing impossilbe, dear bro @ nathanmars

Steem + EOS ?

Hell yeah !

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The Seven77 challenge has been a life changer to all in my own opinion. It has brought the Steem family together in a way. This could have taken a long time if not for your initiative. I'm excited you will believe in Steem and I do too. I appreciate all your efforts towards making the world believe in Steem.

Building a bridge between Steem and EOS will be a superb revolution. Don't fail to contact me anytime you need my support bro. I actually sent you a private message, kindly look into it. Happy new month!

I knew that an announcement will come out yesterday but I did not check until this morning. It is a mixed emotion to see this but I know you have the best of intentions.

Many of us believed in you and I am sure many still do in spite of Seven77 being stopped. You did a great job in leading an army so thank you very much for all of that!

Good things must come to an end to give way to better ones. May the best of favors be with you on your next endeavour. I know many will be watching out for more about Bridge777.

You have build a great community and many of us have followed you from one initiative to the next. Each time, things got bigger.

You lead the way and we will do our best to follow and to excel

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Well, Just waiting for engage and bridge something new.

@nathanmars you have done a great job bringing all the Steemians together with ### seven77.

I am the few people who received massive Delegation from you and used it to reward more people as much as I can to be part of seven77.

I appreciate alot you for what ever you are doing single handedly to push the steem with hardwork and rewarding every one.

I like to mention already @appics built dual block chain solution and contacting the team will definitely helps for what you are planning.

We are all here to support you and part of the bridge777.

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I think, all of the Seven77 and PushBook member would eagerly wait for the execution of and time and again news about Bridge77, because I believe, anything that raise from the failure of about to be a success, turns into a huge success, most of the time, and I am sure, rest of the members would have such a belief too.

As a dedicated steemian, I would like to thank you for all of your support to steem, steemians and seven77 family members.

Wish you million times success in your future endeavours.

Thank you so much for all the good things you made to seven77 challenge and your try to increase steem price and awereness.

i am looking forward to see what else you will do and i will try to support it :D

For now on s77assistant will be a free promotion bot that will not require to be a seven77 member. I will still add more functionalities for all members.

Hello fellow @nathanmars

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Thank you so much that you are back and never leave steemit. I am really so worry about it. I felt so embarrassed for you helped me a lot but I did not able to help seven77 more than our expectation. I really understand that situation of yours. What really matters, one friend of me, you are a giver and some betrayed your kindness. That is a better comment from my friend. We are still backing you @nathanmars. Be strong, there will be a best time for you to harvest a good fruits of your sacrifices. Thank you so much again and again. God bless you and family.

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I must commend you for your hard work and passion for our steem blockchain. I have realised as well that it takes an extreme amount of work to galvanic the support of others. I hope this next project of yours becomes a success. I'm also thinking of ways to improve the steem ecosystem and hopefully we make this blockchain a better place.

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Hello @nathanmars,

Honestly, at first I only joined the seven77 pushup challenge to gain upvote from you. But the 2nd day and the 3rd and the other days I only receive upvotes at random days around 4 in total. But I still do the challenge without knowing that my goal has deviate. It's no longer about the upvote from you but because I believe in your advocacy and good intention. I know many of the seven77 members feel the same way as I do. And we'll be following you to the next steps.

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A salute to this challenge when it is going to be die. Today I will also post my last seven77 challenge. Thanks for creating this kind of challenge that encourage Steemians like me. Currently my health is not good and not in well conditions to perform pushups but I will do and post last seven77

Thanks sir @nathanmars7

I enjoyed promoting abd participating in the #seven77 challenge. Thank you for all your devotion to steem. I appreciate you and what you do.

As always, You do YOU and what makes YOU happy!!!

If you are happy with what you are doing it's not a job.

Many HUGS and much LOVE!!

sorry I have not been on twitter....been not well.

Hi Nathan.

I think sometimes you're too hard on yourself. I don't see any of what you've done as a failure m8. Honestly, it's all an evolution, and if you've made some realisations about what you want to focus on, that's just part of the journey.

I’m extremely sorry for taking few days to think deeply execution of PushBook and reflecting on what I’ve learned so far.

No need to be sorry. I saw your post where you were really disappointed with people for not taking up 777, and was sad to see how aggressive many people became in their comments as I had a feeling you'd take it to heart. Lol, one thing is for sure... steemians are a strong minded bunch, it's one of the communities biggest strengths. From my perspective, 777 days was just too much of a commitment. I was happy to do 77 days, and even with the idea of maybe starting another round of 77 days of push ups, but 2 and a bit years was a push. I think maybe many thought the same.

Honestly I thought large stake holders of STEEM would participate in this challenge.

You did get some of the old school to participate, people like @ excile and @ meesterboom, both did 77 days I think? But it's true that there's a core of steem peeps who didn't rally behind it, I think that's just the way these things go. Many large stake holders on steem value their anonymity, which might be why.

Burning bridges are easy and building bridges are hard.

So true, I learned this 'hard' lesson many years ago when I lost half of my uni friends after burning bridges with them when i was disappointed with the group's behaviour in bullying someone. The truth is, I could have handled it all different to help that person without ruining a load of my friendships. You live and learn, they say.

Anyway, I'll leave this 'crazy long' comment by echoing @buttcoins sentiment I saw him saying in a recent post where he did 7 push ups. Your enthusiasm and dedication to push steem on twitter is nothing short of inspiring buddy. You should be proud of yourself.

P.s. I look forward to seeing your new ideas on bridging steem + EOS. As always, if you need a sounding board for ideas feel free to msg me either on twitter or discord 👍🙂

Thank you for all the inspiration that this movement has given @nathanmars, and it has really given a lot to so many people, it gave me the confidence to make videos on Dtube, without it I am not sure I would have done that.

And also a big thanks for the delegation I received, that helped a lot and when I needed it the most.

I will do my last seven77 video later today, and since I have also had a slot for supporting this movement with my project @thisisawesome, I will also keep it for today, and then it opens up a slot to support something else to help new Steemians succeed.

It also means I will have more time to actually start building my Steem onboarding project, so that is the next thing I will focus a lot of attention on.

Again thanks for all your support and stay awesome.

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