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Day 126 of #seven77

I love #steem blockchain for the fantastic DApps built on it. Check out Dtube a censorship free vlogging platform. Log on to Steemit to check it out

#share2steem #palnet #actnearn #steemit #actifit #dtube @NathanMars7

VIDEO - Click on the Thumbnail to see

eric kuya

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Oh yeah buddy 😎, 777 all the way💙. So glad you stopped by 👍 😁

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thanks 💙

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Well done on your seven77 Eric. Stopping by to cheer you on. Enjoy seven77 and justpushit

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Thank you for the encouragement and support Rogerine 🙏. Lets keep going with the seven77 👍 😁

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Absolutely. Enjoy 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

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Oh yeah buddy 😊, glad you stopped by 👍 😁

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thank you for following me and upvoting my post. i really appreciated it

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You are very welcome 😎. Always a joy to follow other members of Seven77 💪. Lets keep enjoying our push ups and other seven77 activities 👍 😀

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Nice job buddy!! And keep up the good work!!😀😀👍👍👍

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Well done @practicaleric, and it almost sounded like you didn't really know which day it was, it's happened to me too, have an awesome weekend ahead.

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