The Seven Day B&W Challenge: Day #4 - Steps To My Throne

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Hello Guys,

I'm back to continue this (in my case) never-ending challenge…..😁

I was nominated by @turpsy for this challenge, and despite my intermittent laziness towards finishing it, I seem to be on course to finishing it

So, I head straight to my Day #4 black and white photo Challenge:

And as per the rules previously stated here;

The simple rules to follow include:

  • Seven black and white images that represent an aspect of your life.
  • Present one image every day for seven days.
  • No people.
  • No explanation.
  • Nominate someone every day, but anyone can join the fun.
  • Use the tag - #sevendaybnwchallenge - as one of your five tags.

Today, I will be nominating a very amazing personality @ruti to join this challenge. She is relatively new on the platform and boasts of incredible zest and talent. You can visit @ruti’s blog to encourage her.

Have fun @ruti as you join this challenge.

This happens to be my first blog post of the Year, 2018. A testament of how long I’ve been away.

So, I say;

Happy New Year, To You

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