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RE: 7 Day BnW Challenge - Day 5 - Birthday Preparations

Huh? Didn't you have your birthday a while back? I distinctly remember that you're a fellow Virgo haha Was this done retrospectively? Is this why it's in B&W to give it an old timey feel? Why are there three wrapping papers? Are they meant to symbolize your sons being the gifts you have received in your life? Am I ever going to stop asking questions and just enjoy the photos for what they are?


Haha! You should have been a detective! I love your questioning thoughts!

It is my youngest son's birthday today - he is 6. This is us preparing to wrap up his pressies the night before. :)

Funny enough, would you believe I kind of was?? Haha! Back in college, I moonlighted as a private investigator. Nothing fancy, just investigated cheating boyfriends/girlfriends, collected info for blackmail, etc. I became good at it too. Was making some serious cash for someone in college haha!

Happy birthday to the youngest dragon then!

Wha..??!! Haha! That's hilarious. Well done you for your entrepreneurial mind!!

I think you should write a Who Am I post for @surpassinggoogle's contest... clearly you have many stories to tell.... and I'm a nosy bugger!

Haha nah, that's okay :) I've written too many introduceyourself posts for my liking. Even though it's quite hard to believe, I really don't like writing about myself. But, expect stories like those to unfold over time. That is, if I'm still on Steemit haha! Terry already has a lot on his plate, with the way he's helping the Nigerian and Filipino communities, and brand new minnows like yourself, he can't be bothered with the likes of nation-less old minnows like me :D

Ah that's fair enough! Terry seems to be doing sooo much for so many people! I've only just stumbled upon his page recently actually.

Don't you dare leave steemit... I've only just found you!

Haha! Would you believe that there was a time when Terry and I were literally on the same level in terms of rep and average earnings? It seems that I have abide by the Tortoise' teachings too much.

Ha! Oh yes of course, I forget that all you 2016 joiners know each other!

Well not everyone haha! Ask 2016 joiners and 19 times out 20, they'll say they haven't heard of me haha! I do know almost all of them though. Terry's on a whole other level now though. I won't be surprised if he says he doesn't remember me haha

Oh, and there are 3 packs of wrapping paper because there was a buy 2 get 1 free offer.

Really, I'm a lot less deep than you think I am LOL!!