7 Day BnW Challenge - Day 6 - Time Moves On

The Challenge

7 days, 7 black & white pictures of your life.
No people.
No explanation.
Nominate someone every day.

Day 6:


My day 6 nomination: @allyinspirit

Everyone else.... Feel free to join in!


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It's like a big leafy bike!!!

But what does it mean?...

Ah the winds of time blow through all lives, bringing tears and laughter, ups and downs..... the ivy of... uhhh.... childhood entwines us all with....uhhh...the bikes of our journey through....


It means I haven't got a shed. XD

Hahaha!! Oh that's a fine explanation!

I mean the winds of time, ivy etc. Of course I do. Yes...

Ha!! Finally, answers!! This is exactly what I was thinking of as well. I'm happy to be proven correct!

You are gradually breaking down my whole woman of mystery exterior haha!

Haha that's what I do ;) In a way, I feel like I'm forcibly enforcing the blockchain principles of transparency hahaha!

Good 'ol Boom asking the tough questions!

Putting it to them, that's what they say ;0)

What a delightful surprise Johleen. I just came to visit you and see you have nominated me to join you in the Seven Day B&W Photo Challenge. Love the concept ~ It will be a challenge for me to post an image each day, but what are challenges for but to stretch us?

Love 'Time Moves On' visually ~ And your explanation to @meesterboom. There are so many objects, like our bikes and overgrown gardens, and really every little thing around us that tells part of the story of who we are. Well done. Resteemed. 🦋

Oh I'm glad you've seen it! I wasn't sure if you would as we don't get notifications when we're mentioned here on Steemit (I hope that will change soon). And it seems a bit pushy to head over and comment on someone's post with the link to let them know they've been nominated.

Feel free to join in or not depending on your time of course!

I just answered your response to my post ~ Almost a book ~ And lost it to the spinning Steemit wheel. Will have to see if I can remember what I wrote tomorrow now. 😊

I have the seed of an idea for images I'd like to present for the Seven Day B&W Photo Challenge Johleen. Love how something like this pushes a new inspiration button. May take a few days before I can start. Will let you know. 💗 🦋 💗

Oh that's frustrating! Exactly the same thing has happened to me a couple of times this morning... must be the day for it!

Wonderful re: the 7 day challenge! Yes there's no rush of course, be lovely to see your ideas. :)

Blame it on the FULL moon. Or maybe a solar flare. Or maybe the combination.

Or maybe part of the perpetual learning curve.

Funny how when something takes your 'fancy' like this challenge has with me now ~ It stays with me while doing other things and every now and then something is added. But it never becomes totally clear until the actual 'doing' of it. Hope to start next week Johleen. Thanks once again for asking me to join you in it. 🦋

Something that is REALLY strange. There were lots of fabulous comments made on that post and only a few remain. But by bringing up 'Comments' and clicking on one of them for that post and then 'View the full context' all the comments are there. Just in case it happens to you. 🦋

oooh I'm so behind on replying to comments, sorry for the delay!!

I think perhaps that the fact that Steemit went down could explain all the strangeness...