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RE: Seven Day Black And White Challenge - Day Seven

Such a serene photo. This just served as a prompt for an interesting story.

A romantic couple go out in the woods and enjoy each other's company and seconds later the boy finds out his girl is a werewolf.. ;)


Sensing the potential danger the boy pulled a clump of wolvesbane from his pocket changing the girl into a werepuppy who scampered harmlessly around in the woods until the full moon ended.

She turned back into a werewolf when she met her family and when she told them about her ill treatment, they gathered their pack to avenge her.

Oh my goodness, if you think your an enlightened werewolf just try hanging around your family at the holidays for a while. The plot thickened...


Off the track, my reputation is yours written backwards.. spooky lol

Numbers do play some interesting tricks. I sold a little over 25 SBD from my recent earnings and through all the conversions and fees wound up with 222.22 in dollars. This is my 2221 post. LOL.

Yes numbers play great tricks and they have quite an important role in our life. I didn't agree with this about 3-4 weeks back but some instances happened and now I believe in their power. Yours is quite an interesting instance.

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