Sex Trafficking Ring Busted in California, Over 300 Arrested

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A huge sex trafficking sting operation culminated in the arrests of hundreds last week, with almost 50 victims rescued. This included 14 minors among the trafficked and sexually exploited. In total, 339 arrests were made by law enforcement.


The arrests took place over a 3 day span with the help of 93 human trafficking task forces. The operation was dubbed "Operation Reclaim and Rebuild". Local news station KTLA5 reports:

“Among those arrested during "Operation Reclaim and Rebuild" were pimps who had put victims up for sale and individuals soliciting sex from underage teens, sheriff's officials said. Some of those saved from the underground world of sex trafficking were runaways or victims found through social media and chat sites online."

Of the 14 minors who were forced to endure sex slavery, the police report says there were some as young as 6 years old. Can you image the level of depravity to kidnap children, like 6 years old, and sell them for sexual activity for other depraved pedophile monsters? Most of us can't imagine ever doing such things, because we wouldn't - not in a million years, and it's hard for many to accept that other people are capable of doing it.

Some of the victims were forced into prostitution (sex slavery), and others forced into producing child pornography which was sold by the trafficking ring. One case involved a 17 year old girl and her 14 year old sister, who were enslaved and later sold to another sex slaver (aka 'pimp') for $6,000 a few days later.

It boggles the mind how humans are so depraved in their thinking. To think one can own another, and not just other human animals. We actually think we can own other non-human animals, who think and feel at different but similar levels to us. We have a long way to evolve.

The arrests were conducted in January as part of the (Trump-inspired) federal government's National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. In 2018 California has 760 reports to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, with 6,244 reports of sex trafficking in the U.S. for 2017. It's still a big problem, yet why is the mainstream mega media not reporting on these triumphs of good over evil?

Sex trafficking, abuse and exploitation is a dark undercurrent in society that goes on in secreted areas. Children are the most vulnerable and most easily exploited. The elite are neck deep into this cesspool, and sometimes a whiff of their depravity gets a little exposure, but is soon squashed in the media.

I think even minor breakthroughs in justice against sex trafficking like this one reported last week, are too dangerous for awakening the public to the deep darkness that pervades our societies. I think that's why these stories are not covered. You can't do anything about something you're not aware of. So don't make people are of it, and it can continue.


Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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While it gladdens my heart to see them grab these sick people and save the poor souls enslaved in it, there needs to be a spotlight on the upper levels. They keep going after the lower levels and pretending that they are stopping this while protecting the powerful who are involved.

Yup, that's all that passes in the authorized "law enforcement". Upper echelons are off limits as we've seen again and again.

I do not beleive in conspiracies but the only way this is kept so secret is for the elite to be involved as you stated above.

There are sick bastards that walk amongst us and we need to send them to God on an express capitol punishment

Yeah, only blips on the radar that soon fade if even seen.

Sex trafficking, abuse and exploitation is a dark undercurrent in society that goes on in secreted areas.

...And all made much easier by the the stigma (meaning vast amounts of police time and money), attached to consenting adults wishing to exchange money for sexual services.
When i was 'emersed' in said world (over a decade ago now)... the circles that I frequented, there was not one case - that I was aware of -, of any 'victims'- in any way shape or form...
But there were many police raids in those in 3 years...(in 'respectable'
establishments' and private parties).

If the stigma wasn't there, it would make it so much harder for these lowlife to operate in the shadows.
(Trafficking of human beings is not crime worthy of much forgiveness. I'm very short on pity when it comes to dealing with predator scum like these.)

Yeah, society has gotten too lax is what constitutes being an evolved consciousness. Jut because something is consensual, doesn't mean it's a higher path in life.

I'm not looking at it from a higher path perspective , (or a lower one)... just a pragmatic natural one.

It was hard and kinda weird throwing an upvote at such a story but it's well deserved as you said, none of the mainstream news outlets ever talk about such issues.

It's still a big problem, yet why is the mainstream mega media not reporting on these triumphs of good over evil?

Because their overlords are the main customers for such services.

Yup, hand on the faucet of media.

This has nothing to do with "the elite" though.
The media covers this stuff all the time, it will be front page news in the area it happened, you included a blurb from local media.

The question isn't why isn't the media covering it, the question is why local, state and federal law enforcement continue to expend dollars and manpower on the failed war on drugs while human trafficking goes on unabated.

The answer is this bust would takes months and months, and all law enforcement has to show the media is a picture of a pimp for all that work. Drug busts they have a table full of drugs and money to show the media, and they can do that weekly. There is no glory to the investigation of child sex trafficking and all the investigators burn out and need counseling after.

Fair point, the waste of 'wars' on drugs, the poor and so many other things :/

Good! Let’s spread the research wider throughout all of the most powerful western countries, USA and UK are the main culprits... we need more exposure

Yeah, I wish :/ but not likely to happen.

All this happened in just 3 days...
3 days was enough to show us what is happening in this dark world.
3 days was enough to tell us that there are thousands of children in the hands of human monsters...
3 days was enough to tell us how others days were for these children.
3 days was enough to tell us that we needed 3000 days to find out the truth...

But the question is: Where was the government before these 3 days?
I'm afraid the answer is: the government knew this... Or want this.

Yes, in upper levels, likely.

Thank you for this much needed post! resteemed.

Glad to help spread the good news about evil being stopped ;)

That's one large operation of evil I'm glad to see good triumph. Thanks for sharing @krnel

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Where did these children come from?

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