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RE: Sex Trafficking Ring Busted in California, Over 300 Arrested

in #sextrafficking3 years ago

Sex trafficking, abuse and exploitation is a dark undercurrent in society that goes on in secreted areas.

...And all made much easier by the the stigma (meaning vast amounts of police time and money), attached to consenting adults wishing to exchange money for sexual services.
When i was 'emersed' in said world (over a decade ago now)... the circles that I frequented, there was not one case - that I was aware of -, of any 'victims'- in any way shape or form...
But there were many police raids in those in 3 years...(in 'respectable'
establishments' and private parties).

If the stigma wasn't there, it would make it so much harder for these lowlife to operate in the shadows.
(Trafficking of human beings is not crime worthy of much forgiveness. I'm very short on pity when it comes to dealing with predator scum like these.)


Yeah, society has gotten too lax is what constitutes being an evolved consciousness. Jut because something is consensual, doesn't mean it's a higher path in life.

I'm not looking at it from a higher path perspective , (or a lower one)... just a pragmatic natural one.