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RE: Sex Trafficking Ring Busted in California, Over 300 Arrested

in #sextrafficking2 years ago

This has nothing to do with "the elite" though.
The media covers this stuff all the time, it will be front page news in the area it happened, you included a blurb from local media.

The question isn't why isn't the media covering it, the question is why local, state and federal law enforcement continue to expend dollars and manpower on the failed war on drugs while human trafficking goes on unabated.

The answer is this bust would takes months and months, and all law enforcement has to show the media is a picture of a pimp for all that work. Drug busts they have a table full of drugs and money to show the media, and they can do that weekly. There is no glory to the investigation of child sex trafficking and all the investigators burn out and need counseling after.


Fair point, the waste of 'wars' on drugs, the poor and so many other things :/

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