Seyiodus's Giveaway #8. - What Is EASYDEX? | Result of the Last Giveaway

Hello, steemitland. Happy Sunday to all. Today begins a new week and so make something awesome out of this week and don't settle for less but go for the propose great achievement. This is another week of a giveaway. Make sure to read the rules.


Last Giveaway Result

Thanks to all that are making my giveaway a success especially those that are entering, you all are the reason why it exists. Just like it was announced, all that participated in the last giveaway will have the share of the 3 SBD.

@luxx, @thaishps, @otom, @t-flames, @joanpablo, @johnskotts, @kabira, @zephalexia, @mers All shares has been sent to all.



Giveaway #8

This giveaway is different from the ones I have been doing. It's about an exchange platform name EasyDex. I will be given out 50 EasyDex-PB to all who will follow the rules.

Question/Tasks to do

If you are on the server already, you can still participate. Just do the task.
(Note: All rules/tasks should be followed. If you upvote and do not resteem or vise-versa, and you did not invite another steemian, your entry will not be valid.)

This is totally my giveaway and I can be on a break at any time since I am a human just like you. I can decide to increase the numbers of winners as it pleases me and there can be any changes at any time. Try to understand that this is just my way of giving back to the platform and all the decision is mine to take.


You can make a suggestion to make it fun

A suggestion from you to make it more fun and interesting is welcome. You can suggest a topic(s) you will like to see in the next giveaway contest.
If you feel like supporting my giveaway to increase the prizes please do so.

Have Fun!


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Awesome Initiative!!! Bts: crypto-canine and discord is @heyimsnuffles and here is the screenshot 8D1FD73A-89D3-438B-BE98-640DC037F3EC.png


Nice to see you to @heyimsnuffles

Hi seyiodus. How are you. Thank you for my prize. Love your work and effort for a great cause for all..I love 3 so I’ll tag three people.
Here is my screen shot
Bitshares ID johnskotts333
Discord name: johnskotts #0883

Thank you
One love

What a cool giveaway and an even better Discord group to chat about <3 I'm pretty new to Easydex but have absolutely enjoyed every single voice chat I have participated in. I have learnt soooo much! They people at Easydex are so awesome they even opened a Picasso Bar channel to hangout in after our bar in Cambodia <3 If you are not a part of this wonderful community you are most certainly missing out!

Discord: @mumma-monza#2102
Bitshares: @mumma-monza
@broncofan99 @crystalhuman @ascendedmonkey @johnskotts @krazykrista <3 <3


Nice one @mumma-monza
Kindly do the task.

Hi mam seyidous, here is my entry to your contest.
EasyDex can be defined as the combing of variety of services such as fiat and crypto bridges with the share in decentralised exchanging to enable a simplest way of trading.
I will tag few of my friends
Here is my screenshot 😃
Bts ID: adewale123
Discord name: @Adeoyesteem#5397

Few of your friends were here earlier. lol

What an awesome giveaway! I hope to have done the right thing!


The screenshot is above, my discord username is Hetty & The Shepherds
#7082! Bts username is : hetty-rowan.

Thank you!

And I would love to invite @lost108, @anouk.nox, @karinxxl @woodzi, @soyrosa

Some of your friends were here, lol.

Hey @seyiodus
This is a great way to promote our beloved EasyDex

Here's my contribution


BTS name - darren-claxton
Discord name - darrenclaxton

And I'll tag my besty @d-vine
@boyerobert and @bluehearted

Thanks again.

Thanks @darrenclaxton. Good to see you on my blog.


Bitshares: Unhopeful-1
Discord: ๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡Tedius
@blaxxk check this out

You need to complete the task since you are new to Easydex. Please read the task.

I don't understand i did all the tasks mentioned above...

You can read the task again especially the first tag.

easydex is an exchange site like bitshares and I'm not new to it I've made a grahpic for it before you can check it in my feed

Okay. but since you are just joining the server, that why you need to complete all task.

Discord: Boyerobert#4142
Bts: Boyerobert74

Good to see you again Boyerobert.

Awesome, thank you for spreading good news about EasyDex <3
Here is me on EasyDex Discord server:
My BitShares account is: samurai-jack
Thank you, upvoted and resteemed. :)

@soyrosa 👀I know your secret colour...

@lost108 the master of giveaway, lolx. Good to see you here.

[email protected]
EasyDex is the simplest, fastest and safest way to trade crypto via the world's largest decentralized exchange (bitshare exchange)

Discord username: sirharoldsimbo
Bitshare username: harold-simbo1




EasyDex is a Decentralized Exchange and is the simplest way to trade your currency and manage your portfolio.
Only fairly new to the comunity, but glad to be involved, loads of great people I have met all seem to be here also!
Bitshares ID: philippe-k
Discord ID: PhilippeKiene#7079
@mumma-monza @futuremind @gamesandcrypto @krazykryptokurt
Thanks @lost108

Easydex community is full of great people. Since you are still new, please complete the task.

Edited, upvoted and resteemed.

Welcome to easydex. Thanks for participating.

There's me active on the server. Thanks for this competition. Awesome way to spread the Easydex news.

easydex screenshot.png

Discord Username: Helen (HopeHuggs)#5222
BTS: hope-huggs-18

@nainaztengra - when you are feeling better, would love for you to check out EasyDex and the community, it's awesome <3
@bluehearted - I'm surprised no-one has tagged you yet, PBs on offer here.
@Teutonium - just in case you decide to take another look at EasyDex ;) (it will help topple the banks one day)

Good to see you participated in myy contest.
Blue was tagged by darren. lolx.

EasyDex is the simplest, fastest and safest way to trade crypto currency using the world's largest decentralized exchange (bitshare exchange)

@seyiodus good contest you organized
Here is my screenshot 👇

Bitshare ID i-star
Discord istar19

I am going to tag @highdee @druids @zoneboy


Kindly complete the task.

Here is my entry @seyiodus and thanks again on my past giveaway.


Dischord username: jayfamous #3743

Love to invite

[email protected] You did not put your bts Id.

I really think this is a cool way to promove the EasyDex platform, is a good opportunity for some people.

This is my screenshot:

BTS ID: nrequena-s
Discord ID: niklaus22 #9007
I want to tag @sanchezal95 and @mballesteros

EasyDex is a new BitShares-based cryptocurrency exchange offering all BitShares features plus trustless account recovery, cheap bitcoin gateway, fast fiat bridge, unmatched support, and more. So far I had only positive experience with it.

I'm Breili#1389 in Discord.

Bitshares: breili212

Friends come to participate @malvarezmusic @gabox @hispagaming

EasyDex is the simplest way to trade and manage your portfolio on the world's largest Decentralized Exchange.yep3.PNG

Bitshare id: deewon23
MY Discord name : deewon56

a lot of thankies, keep it up and stay awesome!

Happy sunday dear

Thanks, bro. Same to you.

Thanks @seyiodus . I'm glad to participate.
You're a great person

Wow thank you so much Godbless you more

Amen. thanks.

Great! This is a great way to promote our beloved EasyDex
Here is my screen shot
Captura de pantalla completa 15082018 101137 a.m..bmp.jpg

Bitshares ID Sanchezal95
Discord name: Sanchezal95 #1035

Friends come to participate: @ahugehug

Thanks for participating. Kindly complete the task.

You just planted 0.13 tree(s)!

Thanks to @seyiodus

We have planted already 3436.90 trees
out of 1,000,000

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in Cameroonian village Kedjom-Keku!
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