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I’d say Meli’s World would have to be more difficult. I hope you have a lovely life, my sweet sea urchin.

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We went, and Meilin asked to see a sea urchin. Happy he has something to do for her, Robbie dived along the coast looking for one. We don’t know whether Meli created them for Meilin, but we had a good laugh when Robbie brought one for her to see. The spikes it has are rounded and too soft and rubbery to prick anyone.

The Anadir returned to using part of Meli’s World when she asked them to, and we still have not been to visit their side of the world. Meilin asked if it is allowed. Meli showed her delight so we all flew with - after Meli let them know we are coming.

As we flew, Meli spoke to us and we all heard her voice as it was softly carried to us by the wind. “There have been visitors, of various species, who wanted to see all of this world. None of them thought to ask permission from the Anadir, so I placed a distortion - like a curtain - that jumps those who fly into it from our side, to the other side of the planet. Since it happens, on both sides, over the ocean, none seem to have noticed, or if they did, they kept quiet about it.”

“Is it a separate continent?” Robbie asked.

Meli gave him, and us, a grin. “You’ve been there before - as the Sacred Forty Two. If I recall, you did not like it?”

“Like it?” Robbie laughed. “As a child, I have never felt so cared for, so protected and loved. I think I’ve managed to forget the irritating sand and heat.” Meilin must have let Robbie sense her slight disappointment. She’d hoped we would be going somewhere we’d never been so that it could be the first time for all of us - except Meli of course. Robbie asked her to share his memories as Princess Thina. He was careful not to share our memories with her so that we each could share with her directly.

Wide-eyed, she asked, “Why did none of you want to visit? I would have.”

Annavi chuckled. “Such a minimalist background appeals to a very limited number of people. Seeing sand, rocks and a few palm trees can become monotonous.”

Meilin waved her hand, unbalancing her smooth flight until she corrected for it. “I know that! What I meant is, I’d want to return to revisit the places I have such memories from.”

Cherine must have been reminded of Captain Erin, for she almost sounded like him as she told Meilin, “You are basing your opinion on the memories of Princess Thina only. Not many of us had such good memories of that time.” She turned to glance at me and added, “Not that Samantha would agree with me.” Chantel then chose to express her opinion and everyone else joined in and I was surprised when I realised that we all were feeling nostalgic for the days of that escapade of ours.

The continent appeared at the horizon and, swiftly, it grew until we passed over the beaches. From this height I could see that the total desert area was nothing as large as I’d thought it was. As we drew close to the last oasis we’d journeyed to, I thought I saw something moving on a sand dune. I swerved, dipping sharply, and nearly fell as I saw the horse Samuel had ridden racing across the sand. I glanced up to find Meli and she came to my side, a gleam in her dark eyes. “You created it just to play a trick on me?”

Her face turned serious. “Sam, whatever I create here is never uncreated - I don’t think I’d know how to.”

“Oh come on! Are you saying it has existed here, on its own, for nearly two hundred years?”

“If it is the same one. Otherwise it must be an offspring of the one you rode.”

As the others joined us I turned to Robbie. “We’re damn lucky she did not team up with Campbell when he was still our enemy - she’d have totally messed with my mind.”

Dommi asked, “Sam, the pony Hesina has, how long has it lived? Is it the same one you created for her in the beginning or is it an offspring?”

“The same.”

“Meli has a much bigger and more complex world to run, you can’t expect her to know everything about it.” She gave Meli a grin. “She’s right. You would have been great at messing with her mind.” The two of them hugged (as they hung in the air), laughing. While neither of them were looking, I projected as Samuel and landed on the back of the white horse. I expected it to try and get rid of me so I clung tight and egged it on, sending it running across the sand. Before it could tire I patted its neck and returned, as myself once more. Meilin actually had a look of amazement on her face for the first time, so I considered my jaunt a success.


Even from cloud height, the size and shape of the continent cannot be seen. I guess I’ll have to do as Robbie has done and travel out into space to see it all. The size partly explains why it is still so popular with the Anadir. I bet Meli has created something closer to their ideal environment, if you ignore the need for the air to be as it is for the rest of the planet. As we spiralled down to an Anadir village so that they would have plenty of time to see us coming, I noticed the colours of the land and vegetation are not the same as they are on Anadir Worlds in the void. I glanced at Meli and she caught my question.

“This is my first and biggest stuff-up. I found the Anadir souls in the void, before we met Ordinx, and I saw from their minds what their world looked like. I had never met aliens before, I was still an infant and their females showed me how they look and I saw normal Terran eyes. I did not realise they see differently from us and assuming the colours I saw in their minds would be as I saw them, I created their trees, bushes and so on. Once the first ones came, they were too amazed and grateful to point out my blooper. Since they can alter their body, they changed their eyes so as to see colours as we do, which makes this world right for them.”

Political etiquette is not often observed between our species because they know Robbie prefers casual. The local Anadir must have counted us from afar, or else asked Daniel, for they arrived to welcome us with the correct and flattering two for each one of us. Since it has taken us this long to visit, I suppose they can be forgiven for considering this a politically important moment. Carefully emoting friendliness and respect, we were escorted to the side of a hill which has been tiered with natural rock ledges. Robbie, Meli and Cherine were about to be taken to the podium when Robbie reached out for Meilin’s hand. He muttered, as their escorts gave a surprised look, “We are here because of her.”

One of each couple carried a beautiful cushion and a light shawl. If they had been exported to Terra, they would have fetched a very high price as there are many collectors of other species artwork. The cushion was placed for us to sit on and as we did, they reached over and lightly placed the shawl across our shoulders. Like everyone else, I surreptitiously fingered an edge and loved the soft and warm feel of it. We sensed Angelica dying to ask for a bigger piece for her to design a skirt and shawl from, but she decided they probably wished it into existence and so it cannot be taken to our reality by Robbie.

The Anadir who stay here are mostly those Meli collected from a really long time ago, before the other Anadir started creating their void Worlds and before the Sparklers found them. How she did it is a mystery that I doubt any of us will ever solve. They tend to be more old fashioned than their void brothers and sisters (which may be why they returned to Meli’s world) and ceremony is very important to them. Robbie explained about Meilin (they had heard about how her birth is being shared, but nobody had thought to share with them, we’ll have to arrange something for them to be a part of it) and she became the focus of their welcoming ceremony.

“…may all your dreams be brave and lead you to new heights of knowledge.” The person who had given the speech was a male, but he was treating Meilin like an Anadir adult female.

Meilin looked relaxed as she stood up to answer. “I am too new to have shared a telling from my family, but I do know that the first alien friend of my mother Samantha was an Anadir - you all know him, Ordinx. Since that time there has not been one minute that my family have had to stand alone without their Anadir friends always next to them. Some of my mothers and sisters are partly Anadir and that was the most beautiful gesture of love your people could have made. You wish for my dreams to lead me to new heights, but the truth is, an important part of our dreams is the return of Anadir to their home planet and your invitation for us and all Cherinian species to visit as often as we can…that will see us grow as Cherinians, in the way our author Arthur dreams for all his children.” We passed comments, like ‘not bad!’, ‘she’s magnificent, I can hardly believe she is a baby’ and so forth. Maybe she’ll grow up to be our first Teller politician? Meilin turned shy and as soon as she could she reverted to a baby, making both sides of her family happy when they were given their turn for carrying her.

The Anadir have not built anything larger than a small town and they keep the houses wide apart to allow plenty of space for nature to remain a part of their lives. This is only partly due to them respecting the wishes of Meli, for they also treasure sensing that they live amid all forms of life. On their home planet there are a huge variety of architectural styles, but here they have kept to a simple design, just as if the earthier village style and low buildings helps keep them linked to the land. We visited family homes, schools and other communal buildings and though we’ve seen much of the Anadir culture in Noelle and their home planet, what we see here is how the Anadir lived outside of the sophistication of city life and hundreds of years before the Sparklers found their planet. We were told that many Anadir from outside visit them for the purpose of learning from them about their way of life. I suspect they come so as to re-learn, but that mostly they need the visual confirmation that life is as good as they read it was, without the technical marvels each of us have grown so accustomed to having as a part of our lives. For instance, despite my loves and I being so close and filling each others hearts, despite our friends and relatives who rarely leave us on our own for a minute, I enjoy and would sorely miss my AI friend, Athene, should I lose her. I’ve even taken to doing as Keith asked and update her backup as often as I can.


Meilin is in love with Meli’s world and she was quick to make friends with a number of the Gillianth children and we practically had to drag her away when it was time to leave. Robbie asked Meli to have the Gillianth alert her should Meilin try to visit on her own, since she tends to ignore her healers’ warnings. At last, Robbie is obliquely acknowledging that however sweet or lovely his daughters are, for the first few months after birth, they are slightly amoral and headstrong - well, maybe I was the exception that proved the rule? Dommi: lol, not even Goldi was an exception. If you’d like me to share with you Sam, so as to rid you of false preconceptions about yourself, just say the word.

The day after we returned from Meli’s world, we took Meilin to our favourite coffee shops in Kefalari. She did not enjoy it much as she had to come as a baby. It is just as well, since dozens of women felt free to come and admire her and tell us, ‘einai koukla! Na sas zisei.’ (she is a doll - may she live long), and they chucked her chin or lightly pinched her cheeks. The nicest ones barely touched her, happy to have seen her without wanting to make her life a misery.

We are leaving Earth. We’ll only be gone for two days, but at our end at least months will have passed. It would not be fair to make Meilin pay for our decision to share her with everyone and by having a few months alone with us and close friends, we feel she’ll be better equipped to deal with life. We are going to the Ribbon Planet for Ivgos to visit a few more divides.

Both Jesus and Christós have repeatedly stressed to our Angel that the strongest magic comes from the heart. The difference is that they are speaking of a provable truth, not just mouthing platitudes. Angelica not only believes what they tell her, she accepts it to the core of her being and it affects all aspects of her life. Each of us, of the family, including those very close to us, are aware of how she affects us and we are not only grateful to her for helping us keep our hearts open, but we also monitor her when we are uncertain of how we should react to a situation, especially when there are contrasting ethical points complicating or muddying our thinking. The reason I am mentioning this now is because we have all become aware that Meilin is following our example and even seems to be developing a mild case of hero-worship. Angelica did not allow it to make her uncomfortable - as I would have. She started taking Meilin with her, as a ten year old, to watch and share as she practices her lessons. We don't share from Angelica very often as her practising involves many repetitious exercises, but we always are aware of her - more so when she practices outside Freddie. Today, we sensed a flare of joy from her and once she'd passed the point of needing privacy to feel it deeply, we tentatively 'knocked', sending a questioning feeling. In response, the two of them jumped back to us.

“I am repeatedly surprised that Meilin remains interested and keeps her awareness concentrated on me and the exercises I practice. I try to explain to her what I am doing, the why and also, how it feels when I sense the energy flowing to me and from me to the target of the exercise. She understands what I tell her, but at the same time, she cannot comprehend how it is I draw the energy of magic from the source. She kept on asking questions, like, what is the source? Or, where do you find it? Or, what does it feel like, does it tingle like electricity? I decided, today, to have her within my mind, sharing as part of me. I felt her reactions as she discovered an entirely new world of possibilities, consisting of raw power and beauty, and, without thinking first, I offered/suggested, 'Why don't you try this exercise?'

That was when you all felt my surge of joy. Meilin succeeded. She can sense the source, she can do magic!” We all rejoiced and made much of our Meilin, who now was feeling overwhelmed by our adulation and wanting to revert to a baby. We gradually became aware of Robbie and settled, in a tight cluster around her and Angelica, waiting to hear what his thoughts are.

“Meilin, would you like to learn?” She nodded, her eyes now shining with the hope his question awakened in her. “Angel love, could you teach her or should your masters be asked to include her in your training sessions?”

Angelica squeezed Meilin's hand in reassurance. “I must ask them.”


Robbie hesitated and then laughed. “Ivgos, can you wait another week? We are going to visit the reality of magic.” Robbie pretended to feel mystified by the excited reaction of Ivgos, teasing him. Ivgos loves it when he does, and if he is in body age young enough, he sometimes sits on Robbie’s lap afterwards - that is because of the emoting of Robbie after he teases someone he loves.

It is just as well we needed to delay for these four days as it gave Meilin time to adjust and relax. Spending much of each day as a baby should have helped, but it turned out that spending time with Sheena was what best relaxed her. At six years old, Meilin's new preferred body age, her hair is daffodil yellow, a warm gold that reminds us of the sun we don't have in Freddie. It was only natural, with their golden and snow white heads, that someone would dub them Summer and Winter. It was only said in passing, for a laugh, and was not meant to be a nickname. Meilin started to call Sheena, Winter, so Sheena called her Summer. The nickname, Winter, did not stick for long, Sheena's smile and personality are too warm for it to be used by anyone than Meilin now and then at a moment of tenderness. However, instead of everyone cutting down Meilin's name to Mei, as Robbie had thought would happen, many now call her Summer. If all us girls had three names, it sure would get confusing.

Arthur! This is unbelievable! Christós has just arrived - and he has Jesus with him!

Robbie poured himself a glass of the same wine they enjoy and toasted them. “We were hoping to jump in the morning to visit you. It seems you are to have a new student.” They set aside whatever it was that was burning in them and they listened, asked both girls some questions and then they instructed Angelica to start the training of Meilin, pointing out to them that she will benefit by the lessons as much as her student will.

Robbie had acted selfishly, dealing with our news first, because he had felt that our two friends were excited and have good news to convey. He now sat back and asked them whether anything interesting has happened to them. Jesus gestured to Christós, “You are responsible, so you tell them. However, I would suggest you deal with Samantha first.”

“Deal with me? What do you mean? What does he mean Christós?”

Christós grinned. “We'll continue after you've brought your diary up to date - shall we say about two hours from now?”

Jesus laughed. “Before you actually tell them, perhaps you should speak to her healer so that it tranquillises her?”

I've done so, I'm up to date and eager to find out what has them so excited they think I'll need to be tranked up first.

This is Cherine, Sam refuses to write. She claims you won't believe her, plus I think she is afraid they may have made some kind of mistake and if they are wrong you’ll feel let down. I warn you, this has taken my breath away, so I think it is going to stun you also!

When Sam returned to us, Maria brought her a condensed-milk-coffee and then, this is highly unusual, she took a seat with us. Sam took a sip and then sat with her hands on her lap, willing to go along with the teasing of Christós and Jesus. Little did she know they were not teasing and it might have been better if she had asked her healer to tranquillise her.

“The two of us, with scholars from both our realities, have been gathering information about a kind of spell we suspected might have existed in the past. It turned out that it never existed and what gave us reason to think it had were certain vaguely worded theories spun out by our Chinese teacher. He had hoped to create a scrying spell that would give him a window into the world of the spirits.” Christós smiled as Solomon gave him a startled look. “Reading his descriptions of what he saw, we soon realised his mistake was an obvious one and excusable, since nobody in those days knew of alternate realities.” He nodded, pleased as he felt our excitement soar. “Yes, he created a window, not clear and it only lasted a second or so each time, into another reality and saw a people different from ours, far more technologically developed - at that time.” He dramatically paused for a long sip of wine. “Rather than tell you about it, would you prefer we show you?”


By now we were convinced it must be an extremely complicated and difficult spell, so we expected them to need a few hours. They told Angelica to clear one of the walls of the taverna of all decorations and then asked she use Cherinian gifts, not magic, to plaster the wall smoothly and paint it a pure white. A number of us helped her and it was soon ready, like a cinema screen, to reflect whatever they were planning to show us.

It was late afternoon by now so we would not be affecting the ecology by bringing an early evening to our world. The plastered wall shone a pearly white and then, as both magi concentrated, it darkened until it was a midnight black. I kept on getting the feeling that sparks were flashing at the edge of my vision (the others felt the same and the recording is being studied at slow speeds by the computers and scientists). The wall turned a greyish colour with an indistinct blob of blue. Just when I thought it was stabilising and the focus was about to improve, the blue blob and a scribbled white light situated before it, also out of focus, swivelled and it seemed we swung around the blob, the white light disappeared into a black square and then I saw the shape of a head and face. Our angle remained the same, but something moved and then covered the lower part of the face. Puzzled, we waited and then Jade called out, "It's a man and he is resting his chin on his hand!"

As details became clearer the face resolved, from vaguely being an elderly man, half bald, slightly pudgy, to features we recognised. Dommi gasped; Robert reached out as if to touch a cheek; myself, Sam and others, well, we burst into tears.

Sitting at a computer, a page of text on the screen, we saw you!


We don't know what to do. We want Ivgos to do more of the divides, but we are too excited to sit and watch him…we want to let everyone back home know our news. We also want to return to the realities of magic to watch the magi train to make the monitoring permanent.

Robbie asked, “If we keep this wall as it is, would trained magi from your worlds be willing to take turns projecting Arthur for us?”

Before they could reply, Robyn asked with a worried look, “Will you also have teams on your worlds watching? Can more than one instance of the spell exist at the same time?”

Jesus reassured her, “I don't see why there should be any limits. It is similar to having a number of people using binoculars to watch someone from a distance. However many binoculars are used, the subject being watched would not be affected.” He glanced at me. “What's wrong?”

“When Robyn asked her question, I hoped your answer would be different. It would be nice if you are wrong.” I could sense I was not making myself popular - nor clear, so I explained, “For a moment I dared hope that if more than one instance could affect his reality, then hundreds might actual serve to disturb his reality to the point where a gate can be formed for us to grab him.” I shrugged. “Am I being naïve about magic? Would the effect be more dramatic - like blowing up his or our realities as they leak from one to the other?” They just stared at me until Robbie burst out laughing and Cherine joined him. I couldn't see why they thought I was funny.

We've decided to continue with our planned trip. Ivgos was surprised by our announcement and worried at it. Ardrigio drew him into a conversation and without Ivgos realising what he was doing, he led him away from us, his purpose making it clear they were not to be interrupted - though he did not seem to be requesting privacy.

“Why does it worry you that Robert has chosen to stick to our original purpose for this trip?”

“They were so excited about Arthur - about the news the two magicians gave them. Seeing their Arthur on the wall, it was special to them and everybody, but now they don't want to talk about it and they have changed their minds about returning to their home world to tell all the worlds. Ardrigio, something is wrong, I feel it.”

Ardrigio queried Argidsi and then replied, “Since being linked, you have grown more sensitive than most of us. Perhaps you are sensing something they do not wish to discuss with us? Unless they decide otherwise, it would not be polite of us to show we are aware.” Red-faced I pulled out, blocking them off. As soon as Ardrigio and Ivgos returned I told them I'd overheard, listened to them, as I'd not realised they wanted privacy. Argidsi fluttered her eyes, the blue showing momentarily, but Ardrigio remained lost in thought. He suddenly met my eyes and I sensed him, he was waiting for me to explain.

“Arthur objects to us watching him - he considers it an invasion of his privacy.”

Ivgos sounded upset as he asked, “We will not see him again?”

I softly touched his cheek so that he can sense me clearly. “We'll see him when he wants to be seen.” I gave him a smile. “He has a weakness for you, I think he'll be happy to have you watch him whenever you ask.”

He has adopted our custom of nodding. “But it is not fair because he cannot see us?”

“It is a great sadness, but not reason for his objections - he is not that small-minded Ivgos. He truly is a man who values his privacy. As long as we ask and he agrees, he will not mind us watching him.”

Ahram spoke up from behind me, “We sense your worry Samantha - and it worries us.”


Robbie and Cherine listened from my mind, but others, including my loves, drew near. I nodded, acknowledging his perspicacity. “I fear we are too late. Jesus and Christós returned so as to prevent their students opening a permanent view of Arthur, but the knowledge of the spell is now public and there will be others who are not as careful of Arthur's wishes.”

Haikra, as usual, stood by his beloved Marmirie lord. Thoughtfully he contributed, “It is not for Arthur to ensure his wishes are respected, it is our responsibility. How can anyone prevent magicians from performing their spells in secret? Can magicians do so?”

“I don't know - no, that was not honest. I don't think it is possible.”

Robbie joined us. “I would hope that all Cherinians will respect his wishes. The majority of Normals are good people and they will understand and respect his wishes. However, there is little we can do to stop the others.”

Freddie has stopped, going into orbit around a red sun. We shared the above from Arthur, with translations, on the screens. The way everyone is feeling, it would be asking too much of Ivgos if we send him to his world and none of us wish to tell our worlds. Not even the aliens. Our little goddess has withdrawn and for the first time ever she has raised a screen to stop us visiting or sensing her. By allowing her to dream of her bringing Arthur to us I am responsible for her suffering. I kept postponing the talk because I also had a secret hope that by believing so wholeheartedly, she'd be able to help.

Freddie has just announced he is covered in fleas! This solar system does not have any planets and the asteroid belt is mostly made up of tiny rocks, the biggest is smaller than a house. How could life have evolved here! What he calls fleas are tiny creatures who have latched on to his outer shield. They are attracted by the immense supply of energy - which seems to be their food. Robbie created a platform for the scientists, but then they had to abandon it outside as it was soon covered by space-fleas.

It is not urgent, but we do have a problem. We can't get rid of the fleas by killing them, but we also must not stay here much longer. With such a rich supply of energy, their population will increase dramatically and when we leave millions of them will die once they have to rely solely on their natural supplies. We had intended staying a few days for the scientists to study the creatures, but tests have shown that they prefer the inner layers of energy to the outer, which is mostly made up of what Robbie calls the 'dark' energy. Luckily they don't like the Coral, but since it is not solid, more like lace, they could enter within the layers and then we won't be able to get rid of them without killing them. The Sparklers came up with a simple solution so Robbie and Freddie have decided to entrust them with the carrying out of their plan.

A thin slice of the outer shield is being peeled off, carrying the space-fleas with it. The energy-peel will be abandoned close to their areas of normal habitat, and we'll travel (not jump) out of the solar system. If there are still any space-fleas connected, there should not be many, just a manageable number, we'll take them off, one by one if necessary, and return them to their home. The Anadir and Inguel have decided to visit this system with a ship that cannot be infested as they feel that much can be learnt by studying these tiny creatures. We're calling them fleas, but they don't resemble fleas in any way. They look more like worms made out of delicate lace. Their bodies mostly consist of energy and it is theorised that as the sun cooled down a zone around the sun became the birthing ground. This suggests that their energy and whatever little matter their bodies are made of come from the sun - which means they are not 'cousins' of the Sparklers in any way.

Damn it Arthur! I wrote about Lusalith and about the space fleas to give you time to get over your anger and reconsider, but all you do is type what I did. This is not the Arthur I know! Since a week has gone by - fine. Then here is some more so that you can finish your book, for you to stop writing - since it seems to be what you've decided.

We have no answers for anyone and nobody dares ask their questions, as if the asking would make the only answers we have at this time, true, if we are forced to speak. For the last few evenings, we leave the taverna early, preferring the insulation of home where we are not overwhelmed by others and where we don't have to pretend or hide our feelings. We are able to draw together so that not one of us can suffer alone. Last night we sensed pappou Alki pass through the garden gate on his own and Dommi quickly brought some ice and by the time he sat by Robbie, his whiskey was ready. As he had walked to us there had been a heaviness to his step, matching his emoting. Normally we would rush in with touch or words to warm his heart, but this evening we felt he needed silence and our presence for him to recover his courage on his own. He softly sighed.


“We need gods, having one author is not enough.” He paused a moment. “We also need demons. Mankind knew what it was doing when it invented them. How else are we to laugh when tragedy finds us. Laughter is the sound of rebellion, of brave hearts that refuse to surrender. What can we rebel against when there is such an injustice?” He glanced into Robbie's eyes. “How could something created with such good intentions, such purity of love, have such disastrous consequences?”

For this once, Robbie did not give a pedantic answer. He took the hand of Alki in his. “Patera, we must not give up and give the right of existence to a future we do not want.”

Alki shook his head. “If we must return to our people with the news that Arthur has turned his back on us, it will cost us our dream Roberto.”

Empathia added, “The Normals will allege we are to blame and they will claim Arthur for themselves.”

Cherine stood up suddenly, her voice stern, almost angry, as she spoke to Empathia. “Stop it!” She went to stand before Robbie and Alki. “Arthur has not turned his back on us, all he is asking is that we find a way to give him the privacy he has a right to. Until the day he stops writing, I will refuse to believe he would abandon us - not even then, for I'll keep hoping he'll change his mind. I love him too much to let him go.” As I stared at her, I could not help feeling what a pity it is she cannot split herself for Arthur, for the love a Cherine offers is so much more than I ever can.

Gilli asked, “Could we tell Arthur how we feel and that he…”

Cherine cut her off. “No. We will respect his wishes and wait.” She turned to me. “Samantha, you will not write of what we have said nor of how we feel until he makes his decision.”

As you can see, I did not 'obey'. I guess I'm not going to be popular for some time. Arthur, you did not need the above to know what effect you are having on us, on everybody, but, by my telling you, you cannot block the knowledge from yourself. Now do as you wish.

We have arrived at the Ribbon Planet. Freddie displayed a map of the divides, with those that have been notified coloured green. Ivgos chose two that are neighbouring each other, but then lost interest in them, concentrating on the past and future Freddies surrounding us. He took a guess and pointed at one. “Was that us, the last time we came?” We've all played the game so we joined in, pleased when we made him laugh.



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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

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