Steem Fantasy Premier League - Gameweek 6 Overview and Match Prediction Results

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Matchweek 6 is over, and with no big surprises. All the contenders for the title won. Liverpool was close to drawing against Leicester, but Vardy missed a penalty which could have given them a draw. Manchester City is looking more and more on fire. Also, their defense, which has been a problem, looks very solid now. Next week we will see how much City is actually on fire when they play Chelsea away in match week 7. Matchweek 7 will also be the last before a small break. You might want to save your free transfers, as injuries could occur. But for now, let's take a look at the Steemit Fantasy League!

The Steemit League

The average amount of points this match week was 60, which is 2 points more than last round. There was a lot of teams in the Steemit League that scored above that, but one manager even managed to score 91 points and another one 90 points. "Asamtho Steemit FC" scored the amazing 91 points, but it has to be said it was with the use of "free hit". Still, it's very impressing. "11 Jarv Specials" was the team to score 90 points, and that was with no wildcard used, which makes it very impressing! With this amount of points "11 Jarv Specials" almost moved into top 10. With that being said, let's take a look at the standing.

Still. Vincent Loh takes the lead, but his gap has decreased to the rest of the pack. Only five points now are separating the top two. Still, we have 37 points between no. 1 and no. 10, but with teams scoring 90 points almost every round, it's very possible that this standing will not be anything like the one we see at the end of the season. Wassup moved into the top 10 as well, with an amazing round of 85 points. "Progressiveteam" though dropped in positions because of a poor round of only 54 points. That's how fast it can go. From 0 to hero or from hero to 0 in one match week.

Match Prediction Game

This weeks Match Prediction Game was like no other ever before! We had 2 players with 9 correct guesses! Its the first time we get a player with 9 out of 10 correct guesses and we got two of them! Congratulations to @nguyenthanh and @barcalogia!

We also have an astounding number of 13 players with 8 correct guesses! Now I don't feel so special winning that safe bet I placed in the store since so many others were so good at predicting these games! Congratulations to @ewuoso, @datdoan, @costanza, @mohammad32, @yogesssh, @howtostartablog, @arfa, @huandeptrai, @pertiqoues, @decentropia, @marzi, @cmoljoe and @musicgeek!

I noticed that for GW4 I had forgotten to announce the 2nd place winners.

There were 8 players with 6 correct guesses in that GW, congratulations to @investwarrior, @machhour, @flowily, @arfa, @xioran, @generation, @uwelang and @futuristgear!

Payouts for GW5 and 6 will follow soon so stay tuned! :)

Big thanks to @futurethinker for helping out with the Match Predictions!


Fierce competition!! :D

thanks @acidyo for the contest ;)

Hi @acidyo, How to participate?

Wait for the next post which has the prediction game and then guesses which teams win!

No, my question was how to participate? I don't know even the basic rules and guidelines of this game. If you have written a post in this regard, please share.

It's too late to participate in the fantasy football league I think

Yeah there was time until the second gameweek to join the league.

When is the new league starting? o.O

The week went as predicted :)

Hey man did you bet on it?

Nahh I don't bet on matches :)

Absolutely well said mate, this goes so fast! Just 2 weeks back I was in the first position but now dropped down to the 5th! Really very poor scoring the last 2 weeks!
Gotta change some strategies now!

This was the first gameweek my captain didn't blank, haha.

I'm following your strategies very closely btw!Lol!
I had Milner in the beginning, but had to transfer him, not getting good points with him!

The same was for my fantasy league I’m in with some friends. It’s crazy because sometimes I’ll get 30 points one week ( when David Luiz got his red card) to 75 points (when Morata and Pedro combined for a whopping 21 points alone) i love EPL (Chelsea is my favorite team if you didn’t know yet haha) and I love being able to predict which players are gonna carry you to the top!

A lot of people doing better than me but I'm hoping my players will start coming into form!

I average 52.5p / GW. That's pretty lame. Only last week I noticed that I can make transfers. And 2-3 weeks I had injured players in first 11 lol

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Brighton and Newcastle is surprised me. I hope that next week ...

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Fk I dropped from 18th to 27th . My players suck :(

The game is fantastic. thanks for sharing

Congratulations to the winners.

great. thanks @acidyo for the contest

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Waiting for upcoming week's post.

The table looks like anything could happen at any moment. That is great

ah damn. My team is Norwich City (yep, I live here). Maybe we’ll make your list for next season ;)

Doubt it lol

Don't count your chickens just yet :)

Good contest But How to participate??

Great post...thank you

Your posts are always exciting and rewarding @acidyo. Thank you and I shall look for your next post to predict.

It is awesome...Thanks for your information...

It's very fantastic game friend i restemeed this post 💜

Great i will participate thanks

I am waiting for the next post to participate.

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Wow @acidiyo
Seperti biasa, postingan anda selalu menarik

Thank you @acidyo x)

please vote

Congrats all winners!! Incluid me😎

I enjoyed reading your soccer article.I look forward to seeing you.I envy you for writing a wonderful article.

Viele Danke to share this!!! I will keep my eyes on that!!




Nice to know about the contest. Thanks for sharing.

steem nice, i like it the your post thanks.

Great post , thank you for sharing @acidyo
I like it

Hello @acidyo I had 6 correct guesses.

Yeah, not enough unfortunately as some users had 9 and 8 correct guesses.

Yes @acidyo I knew that, it was incredible. But I do not appear in the winners with 6.

In gameweek 5 or 6?

Sorry was my mistake reading the post.