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RE: Steem Fantasy Premier League - Gameweek 27 Review and Match Prediction Game!

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Spurs - Arsenal 1
Everton - Crystal Palace 1
Stoke - Brighton x
Swansea - Burnley 1
West Ham - Watford 1
Man City - Leicester 1
Huddersfield - Bournemouth 1
Newcastle - Man Utd 1
Southampton - Liverpool 2
Chelsea - West Brom 1


Disqualified from future predictions for cheating by editing to 10/10 correct predictions.


Sorry about that

I was naive
Please forgive me so I can participate it won't happen again
Thanks @acidyo

Sorry, it seems you have edited the one prize I sent you from GW24 too. Shame.

It happened ones

Am sorry It won't happen again
Am really ashamed