Submissions for week 8 of SGL are now open!

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Submissions are now open for week 8 of SGL!

Last week was one of our biggest week's can we top it in week 8? Well I am really looking forward to seeing what you all have in store for us this week, lets get this show on the road!


Communities Choice

Remember you can now be the Communities Choice judge, all you need to do is find an entry you think deserves to win. Vote it, leave a comment saying why you think it deserves to win and ensure that post remains the highest promoted payout post.

To clarify this does not go on the overall post value, it only looks at the amount of promotion value - so a post promoted to 10 sonic wont rank as highly as a post with 50. Also anyone can vote and leave a comment it's completely open to everyone who wants to get involved, you can promote a post from the time it is submitted all the way through to the end of the judging window!

So why not give it a go, we have so many awesome entries and unfortunately they can't all win - even when it feels like they all deserve to. So we added the Communities Choice to try and help everyone get to spread the love around and really help support our brilliant community.


Rules for entering SGL

  1. Submit a post that meets all criteria within the allocated 48-hour window for your entry to be considered a valid entry, all entries submitted before or after this window will automatically be disqualified.
  2. Your post must be titled "Sonic Groove Live", the week number, state whether it is a cover or original and the name/title of the piece.
  3. Your entry post needs to be tagged #sonicgroove and #SGL.
  4. Each valid entry must contain a live recording made specifically for this contest, it must include the live playing of an instrument or vocalist.
  5. Every video entry requires an intro where you state your username, "Sonic Groove Live" week no # and the name of the piece you will be performing(we must be able to clearly see and hear you especially during this time).
  6. You must have a youtube link included in your entry post.
  7. One entry per person per week.
  8. Each performance that has vocals requires the lyrics to be included in the post.
  9. All types of music are valid.

For more detailed information on the rules and why we have them please feel free to check out our how to enter post!



So again this week I wanted to mention the tags just so everyone is on the same page, there are only two tags your post must include in order to be valid entries. However, there are several other tags you can feel free to use, but may have some specific requirements to work for those tags.


Tag's required to have a valid entry in SGL:

#sonicgroove - This is so your post shows up on
#SGL - This is so we can find your entry and know it is an entry for the contest.

Other tags you can use to earn extra crypto - but are not required to have a valid entry post are:

#spaco - only for Spanish
#jahm - only for reggae music
#oc - is for original content



If you haven't already, please consider joining the SGL discord server , we will now be using it as a method of announcing open and closing times for the contest. This includes the judge's window and early announcement of the weekly winners!

This is not only a place to go to find out when things are happening, it is also a place we want to see start having some things to do there. We will be hosting a variety of mini-contests, karaoke nights, games nights, random SONIC giveaways for people actively chatting in rooms.

There is really so much in the works, you really will be missing out if you don't jump in. This is also the perfect place to go so you can ask any questions you may have, talk about entries from the week or even just come along for a hangout. This is your community, it's up to you to get involved and to help make it all it can be. Yes, we're even open to suggestions, so please drop by say hi and see what's happening!



Before you go and wow us with your music, I wanted to also mention our amazing sponsors. The people that make SGL possible each and every week, @ausbitbank, @sonicgroove, @creativecoin and @helpie. They are the reasons we are able to host this contest each week, they are responsible for all the prizes the winners and Communities Choice winners get.

So if you have any witness votes available please consider supporting the witnesses that are our sponsors, @ausbitbank and @helpie are both witness sponsors and if you have any spare votes for witnesses we would all greatly appreciate it if you would consider supporting them, so they can continue to support you!


Don't forget entries for week 8 are now Open!

Please check out our amazing artists that performed this week and show them some love <3


hey guys here is my entry for this week :) good luck to everyone

Much love and copious hugs in all yall directions

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