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My entry for week #74 . My little Princess :)

Shadow Photo Contest - Round 74 Lacey Shadows - My Little Princess !!


She is very lacey! Thanks for entering!

And was a good date..hehe..thank you my friend :)

Those are interesting lacey shadows! Thanks for entering!

My lacey shadow entry :-)


A beautiful lacey shadow photo! Thanks for entering! 😘

Lovely lacey shadows! Thanks for entering!

Welcome and thank you so much

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Gorgeous lace shadows! Thanks for entering!

You have sone really stunning entries! Mine is much simpler, but here it is:

Thanks so much for entering and for taking the time to create a shadow post! It is very much appreciated!

Lovely lacey shadows! Thanks for entering!

Thank You..!!
and your most Welcome...😊

A lovely lacey shadow pattern! Great to see an entry from you!

A lovely lacey
Shadow pattern! Great to see
An entry from you!

                 - melinda010100

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Shadow Photo Contest - Round 74 Lacey Shadows - Don't Cry

Form pretty old photoshoot few years ago. Another attempt to play a bit with a shadows and result appeared to be pretty nice. She shadow looks like a tear on the face
Strong warm LED used to lighten the model and get this shadow to look more contrasting

Enjoy the beauty!


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

A gorgeous photo and a lacey shadow! Great to see an entry from you!

I'm here, finally with my entry. Good luck everyone. Lace

Hi Melinda,

This is my entry for this week's shadow contest.

IMG_7015 (1).jpg

I thought the tree shadows made it look like the trees were sitting on black lacy doilies.

What a fun pattern of lacey shadows! Perfectly lovely! Thanks for entering!

Hey Melinda, here is my entry for this week :

Beautiful lacey shadow! Thanks for entering!

A very creative interpretation of lacey shadows! Thanks for entering!

This is very interesting theme and I am glad to show my lace photo.


That is lovely and very lacey! Thanks for entering!

Thank you,
By the way I figured out how to claim my Pal tokens and I am quite happy with Palnet.

I can't wait to start collecting Tokens for my posts to see how that works!

This is an interesting one. Maybe I can participate.

I hope you find some sunshine and something lacey!

My Nigella leaves would have been perfect for this but I'll find something else.

They would be good! Maybe cast the shadow against a different background?

I'll figure something out.

Amiga,aqui mi visita para saludarla y desear se encuentre bien,muy bonitas imagenes,feliz noche

gracias. Debes entrar en el concurso. Estaré encantado de ayudarte si tienes alguna pregunta.

Oh beautiful <3

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Howdy Melinda! I'm still behind but trying to catch up and I'm amazed at all the variations you come up with! this is another really interesting one.

You started the challenge out strong with this one. The very definition of lacy!

Thanks! Maybe we will see an entry from you this week? 😉

I sure hope so. I would think something will catch my eye. Although sunlight has been scarce lately! Hate to go with artificial light but wouldn't rule it out. Lol

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Now thats such an interesting theme for the challenge should make for some very cool entries

Hope to see one from you!

I will be watching out for anything that may fit ;)

Let's go on hunting my shadow lovers friends!

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Okay, I am on this one. I could not find a read shadow for the life of me but I think I got some ideas for the lace one:)

Oh good! Maybe this one will be easy for everyone!

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My pleasure! Keep on Steemin! 😃

I love this Shadows😊