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RE: Shadow Photo Contest-Round 56- Line Shadows

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Another great theme, I like it. I'm sure I can find a photo or two in my folders. I have a thing for lines and always take a photo when I see something interesting. I can see you're going to have a lot of entries this week.


Lots of entries certainly makes it harder to pick the winners because all of the photos that are entered are wonderful! Can't wait to see what you find!

I have good news for you, my entry is coming today. I could have posted it yesterday but I forgot. I was busy with the translation and totally forgot about it. But nevermind, it's not too late, still plenty of time to post it.

You have until Friday! Plenty of time, indeed! I can't wait to see it, though!

Today is the day, I promise. I just have to choose the best one but I guess I know which one is going to be. And of course I'm going to take some more because I need fresh, new ones. See? It's good to take a bunch of photos because you never know when you are going to need them.
When we did that photo shoot with my niece we only needed one photo, which was for your texture week. We took a lot of photos and lucky me, I had entries for several weeks 😀

That is a great plan! I am lucky that I have a big photo archive to draw from. My biggest problem is but I tend to want to keep reusing all of my favorites and I ignore the ones that are less than great. I need to get busy editing the ones that need some work so that I can use them here.