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RE: Shadow Photo Contest-Round 56- Line Shadows

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@melinda010100, Your second photo especially caught my attention. Looks very cool! An interesting topic for the next contest, but I always find it difficult to find shadows in my not too Sunny city, but still I managed :)
It was one of the autumn days and the good angel was sitting in the last autumn sun on the bench, which left behind these direct shadows.
DSC02536 (2).JPG


Wonderful line shadows! Thanks so much for entering! Even though that second photo looks rather like snow it was taken on the beach at Tybee Island in Georgia, USA. They have the most beautiful sand there.

Oh, at first I thought it was really snow, but looked and looked at it several times and began to doubt, but then decided that - it does not matter :) because it's cool in any case :) very beautiful sand. Thank you @melinda010100 for dispelling my doubts. :)

It was really windy the day we were there, and the sand was blowing in drifts across the parking lots just like snow does!

It's amazing it isn't snow... Another proof that the reality is just Maya ;-)